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1    carrying a load  
2    (of dice, a roulette wheel, etc.) weighted or otherwise biased  
3    (of a question or statement) containing a hidden trap or implication  
4    charged with ammunition  
5    (of concrete) containing heavy metals, esp. iron or lead, for use in making radiation shields  
6    Slang   wealthy  
7    postpositive  
Slang     (chiefly U.S. and Canadian)  
a    drunk  
b    drugged; influenced by drugs  
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1    burdened, charged, freighted, full, laden, weighted  
2    biased, distorted, weighted  
3    artful, insidious, manipulative, prejudicial, tricky  
4    at the ready, charged, primed, ready to shoot or fire  
5      (slang)   affluent, flush     (informal)   moneyed, rich, rolling     (slang)   wealthy, well-heeled     (informal)   well off, well-to-do  

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