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a    small refuse or waste materials carelessly dropped, esp. in public places  
b    (as modifier)  
litter bin     
2    a disordered or untidy condition or a collection of objects in this condition  
3    a group of offspring produced at one birth by a mammal such as a sow  
4    a layer of partly decomposed leaves, twigs, etc., on the ground in a wood or forest  
5    straw, hay, or similar material used as bedding, protection, etc., by animals or plants  
6       See       cat litter  
7    a means of conveying people, esp. sick or wounded people, consisting of a light bed or seat held between parallel sticks  
8    to make (a place) untidy by strewing (refuse)  
9    to scatter (objects, etc.) about or (of objects) to lie around or upon (anything) in an untidy fashion  
10    (of pigs, cats, etc.) to give birth to (offspring)  
11    tr   to provide (an animal or plant) with straw or hay for bedding, protection, etc.  
     (C13 (in the sense: bed): via Anglo-French, ultimately from Latin lectus bed)  

cat litter  
      n   absorbent material, often in a granular form, that is used to line a receptacle in which a domestic cat can urinate and defecate indoors  
      n   modifier     (Poultry farming)  
1    denoting a system in which a number of hens are housed in one covered enclosure, within which they can move about freely, on a layer of straw or wood shavings several centimetres deep  
deep-litter system     
2    kept in or produced by the deep-litter method  
deep-litter eggs     
litter lout   ,   (U.S. and Canadian)   litterbug  
Slang   a person who tends to drop refuse in public places  
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