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1    the act or quality of illumination or ignition  
2    the apparatus for supplying artificial light effects to a stage, film, or television set  
3    the distribution of light on an object or figure, as in painting, photography, etc.  

direct lighting  
      n     (Electrical engineering)   a lighting system in which a large proportion (at least 90 per cent) of the light is directed downwards  
indirect lighting  
      n   reflected or diffused light from a concealed source  
lighting cameraman  
      n     (Films)   the person who designs and supervises the lighting of scenes to be filmed  
lighting-up time  
      n   the time when vehicles are required by law to have their lights switched on  
strip lighting  
      n   electric lighting by means of long glass tubes that are fluorescent lamps or that contain long filaments  
strobe lighting  
1    a high-intensity flashing beam of light produced by rapid electrical discharges in a tube or by a perforated disc rotating in front of an intense light source: used in discotheques, etc.  
2    the use of or the apparatus for producing such light,   (Sometimes shortened to)    strobe  
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