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1    the linear extent or measurement of something from end to end, usually being the longest dimension or, for something fixed, the longest horizontal dimension  
2    the extent of something from beginning to end, measured in some more or less regular units or intervals  
the book was 600 pages in length     
3    a specified distance, esp. between two positions or locations  
the length of a race     
4    a period of time, as between specified limits or moments  
5    something of a specified, average, or known size or extent measured in one dimension, often used as a unit of measurement  
a length of cloth     
6    a piece or section of something narrow and long  
a length of tubing     
7    the quality, state, or fact of being long rather than short  
8    usually pl   the amount of trouble taken in pursuing or achieving something (esp. in the phrase to great lengths)  
9    often pl   the extreme or limit of action (in phrases such as to any length(s), to what length(s) would someone go, etc.)  
10      (Prosody, phonetics)   the metrical quantity or temporal duration of a vowel or syllable  
11    the distance from one end of a rectangular swimming bath to the other  
   Compare       width       4  
12      (Prosody)   the quality of a vowel, whether stressed or unstressed, that distinguishes it from another vowel of similar articulatory characteristics. Thus (i:) in English beat is of greater length than (ɪ) in English bit  
13      (Cricket)   the distance from the batsman at which the ball pitches  
14      (Bridge)   a holding of four or more cards in a suit  
15      (N.Z.)  
informal   the general idea; the main purpose  
16    at length  
a    in depth; fully  
b    eventually  
c    for a long time; interminably  
     (Old English lengthu; related to Middle Dutch lengede, Old Norse lengd)  

1    lacking intimacy or friendliness, esp. when possessing some special connection, such as previous closeness  
we now have an arm's-length relationship     
2    (of commercial transactions) in accordance with market values, disregarding any connection such as common ownership of the companies involved  
equivalent focal length  
      n     (Optics)   the ratio of the size of an image of a small distant object near the optical axis to the angular distance of the object in radians  
      adj   (of a film or programme) similar in extent to a feature although not classed as such  
focal length   , distance  
      n   the distance from the focal point of a lens or mirror to the reflecting surface of the mirror or the centre point of the lens  
      n   modifier  
1    extending to or showing the complete length  
a full-length mirror     
2    of the original length; not abridged  
1    (of a portrait) showing only the body from the waist up and including the hands  
2    of half the entire or original length  
3    a half-length portrait  
      adj   reaching to the knee  
a knee-length skirt, knee-length boots     
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1      (of linear extent)   distance, extent, longitude, measure, reach, span  
2      (of time)   duration, period, space, span, stretch, term  
3    measure, piece, portion, section, segment  
4    elongation, extensiveness, lengthiness, protractedness  
5    at length:     
a    completely, fully, in depth, in detail, thoroughly, to the full  
b    for ages, for a long time, for hours, interminably  
c    at last, at long last, eventually, finally, in the end  

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