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      n   pl   , -mas, -mata  
1    a subsidiary proposition, assumed to be valid, that is used in the proof of another proposition  
2      (Linguistics)   a word considered as its citation form together with all the inflected forms. For example, the lemma go consists of go together with goes, going, went, and gone  
3    an argument or theme, esp. when used as the subject or title of a composition  
     (C16 (meaning: proposition), C17 (meaning: title, theme): via Latin from Greek: premise, from lambanein to take (for granted))  
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lemma          [2]  
      n   pl   , -mas, -mata   the outer of two bracts surrounding each floret of a grass inflorescence.  
     (C19: from Greek: rind, from lepein to peel)  

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