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1    a member of the legal profession, esp. a solicitor  
   See also       advocate       barrister       solicitor  
2    a popular name for burbot (a fish)  
     (C14: from law1)  

barrack-room lawyer  
      n   a person who freely offers opinions, esp. in legal matters, that he is unqualified to give  
bush lawyer  
      n     (Austral. and N.Z)  
1    any of several prickly trailing plants of the genus Rubus cissoides  
2    Informal   a person who gives opinions but is not qualified to do so  
lawyer's wig  
      n   another name for the shaggy ink-cap: see ink-cap  
lawyer vine  
      n     (Austral)   any of various kinds of entangling and thorny vegetation, esp. in tropical areas,   (Also called)    lawyer cane, lawyer palm  
sea lawyer  
      n     (Nautical, slang)   a contentious seaman  
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advocate, attorney, barrister, counsel, counsellor, legal adviser, solicitor  

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