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1    tr   to give a blow or push to; strike  
2    intr   to rap sharply with the knuckles, a hard object, etc., esp. to capture attention  
to knock at the door     
3    tr   to make or force by striking  
to knock a hole in the wall     
4    intr; usually foll by: against   to collide (with)  
5    tr   to bring into a certain condition by hitting or pushing  
to knock someone unconscious     
6    tr  
Informal   to criticize adversely; belittle  
to knock someone's work     
7    intr     (Also)    pink   (of an internal-combustion engine) to emit a characteristic metallic noise as a result of faulty combustion  
8    intr   (of a bearing, esp. one in an engine) to emit a regular characteristic sound as a result of wear  
9      (Brit)  
slang   to have sexual intercourse with (a person)  
10    knock (a person) into the middle of next week  
Informal   to hit (a person) with a very heavy blow  
11    knock one's head against   to have a violent or unpleasant encounter with (adverse facts or circumstances)  
12    knock on the head  
a    to daze or kill (a person) by striking on the head  
b    effectively to prevent the further development of (a plan)  
a    a blow, push, or rap  
he gave the table a knock     
b    the sound so caused  
14    the sound of knocking in an engine or bearing  
15    Informal   a misfortune, rebuff, or setback  
16    Informal   unfavourable criticism  
17    Informal   (in cricket) an innings or a spell of batting,   (See also)        knock about       knock back       knock down       knock off       knock-on       knockout       knock up  
     (Old English cnocian, of imitative origin; related to Old Norse knoka to hit)  

knock about   , around  
1    intr, adv   to wander about aimlessly  
2    intr, prep   to travel about, esp. as resulting in varied or exotic experience  
he's knocked about the world a bit     
3    intr, adv; foll by: with   to associate  
to knock about with a gang     
4    tr, adv   to treat brutally  
he knocks his wife about     
5    tr, adv   to consider or discuss informally  
to knock an idea about     
6    a sailing vessel, usually sloop-rigged, without a bowsprit and with a single jib  
7    rough; boisterous  
knockabout farce     
knock back  
      vb   tr, adv  
1    Informal   to drink, esp. quickly  
2    Informal   to cost  
3    Slang   to reject or refuse  
you cannot possibly knock back such an offer     
4    Slang   to come as an unpleasant surprise to; disconcert  
5    Slang   a refusal or rejection  
6      (Prison, slang)   failure to obtain parole  
knock down  
      vb   tr, adv  
1    to strike to the ground with a blow, as in boxing  
2    (in auctions) to declare (an article) sold, as by striking a blow with a gavel  
3    to demolish  
4    to dismantle, for ease of transport  
5    Informal   to reduce (a price, etc.)  
6      (Austral)  
slang   to spend (a cheque)  
7      (Austral)  
slang   to drink  
  knockdown   prenominal  
8    overwhelming; powerful  
a knockdown blow     
9      (Chiefly Brit)   cheap  
I got the table at a knockdown price     
10    easily dismantled  
knockdown furniture     
11      (U.S. and Austral)  
slang   an introduction  
will you give me a knockdown to her?     
      adj   designating an agreement between vehicle insurers that in the event of an accident each will pay for the damage to the vehicle insured with him without attempting to establish blame for the accident  
      n   a condition in which the legs are bent inwards causing the knees to touch when standing,   (Technical name)    genu valgum  
  knock-kneed      adj  
knock off  
      vb   mainly adv  
1    intr, also prep  
Informal   to finish work  
we knocked off an hour early     
2    tr  
Informal   to make or do hastily or easily  
to knock off a novel in a week     
3    tr; also prep  
Informal   to reduce the price of (an article) by (a stated amount)  
4    tr  
Slang   to kill  
5    tr  
Slang   to rob or steal  
to knock off a bank, to knock off a watch     
6    tr  
Slang   to stop doing something, used as a command  
knock it off!     
7    tr  
Slang   to have sexual intercourse with; to seduce  
1    resulting inevitably but indirectly from another event or circumstance  
the works closed with the direct loss of 3000 jobs and many more from the knock-on effect on the area     
2      (Rugby)   the infringement of playing the ball forward with the hand or arm  
  knock on   adv  
3      (Rugby)   to play (the ball) forward with the hand or arm  
knock up  
      vb   adv, mainly tr  
1      (Also)    knock together  
Informal   to assemble quickly; improvise  
to knock up a set of shelves     
2      (Brit)  
informal   to waken; rouse  
to knock someone up early     
3    Slang   to make pregnant  
4      (Brit)  
informal   to exhaust  
the heavy work knocked him up     
5      (Cricket)   to score (runs)  
6    intr     (Tennis, squash, etc.)   to practise or hit the ball about informally, esp. before a match  
7    a practice session at tennis, squash, or a similar game  
postman's knock  
      n   a children's party game in which a kiss is exchanged for a pretend letter  
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1    belt     (informal)   buffet, chin     (slang)   clap, cuff, deck     (slang)   hit, lay one on     (slang)   punch, rap, slap, smack, smite     (archaic)   strike, thump, thwack  
2    belt     (informal)   blow, box, clip, clout     (informal)   cuff, hammering, rap, slap, smack, thump  
3      (informal)   abuse, asperse, belittle, carp, cavil, censure, condemn, criticize, denigrate, deprecate, disparage, find fault, have a go (at)     (informal)   lambast(e), run down, slag (off)     (slang)   slam     (slang)  
4    blame, censure, condemnation, criticism, defeat, failure, heat     (slang, chiefly U.S. & Canad.)   rebuff, rejection, reversal, setback, slagging (off)     (slang)   stick     (slang)   stricture  

knock about   , around  
1    ramble, range, roam, rove, traipse, travel, wander  
2    abuse, batter, beat up     (informal)   bruise, buffet, clobber     (slang)   damage, hit, hurt, lambast(e), maltreat, manhandle, maul, mistreat, strike, work over     (slang)   wound  
knock down     
batter, clout     (informal)   deck     (slang)   demolish, destroy, fell, floor, level, pound, raze, smash, wallop     (informal)   wreck  
knock off  
1    clock off, clock out, complete, conclude, finish, stop work, terminate  
2    blag     (slang)   cabbage     (Brit. slang)   filch, nick     (slang, chiefly Brit.)   pilfer, pinch, purloin, rob, steal, thieve  
3    assassinate, blow away     (slang, chiefly U.S.)   bump off     (slang)   do away with, do in     (slang)   kill, liquidate, murder, slay, take out     (slang)   waste     (informal)  

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defeat someone with arguments during a discussion; knock out [Fig.]
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