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kick upstairs


      vb   tr, adv  
Informal   to promote to a nominally higher but effectively powerless position  
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1    up the stairs; to or on an upper floor or level  
2    Informal   to or into a higher rank or office  
3    Informal   in the mind  
a little weak upstairs     
4    kick upstairs         
Informal   to promote to a higher rank or position, esp. one that carries less power  
      n   functioning as sing or pl  
a    an upper floor or level  
b    (as modifier)  
an upstairs room     
6      (Brit)  
informal, old-fashioned   the masters and mistresses of a household collectively, esp. of a large house  
   Compare       downstairs       3  

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1    tr   to drive or impel with the foot  
2    tr   to hit with the foot or feet  
3    intr   to strike out or thrash about with the feet, as in fighting or swimming  
4    intr   to raise a leg high, as in dancing  
5    (of a gun, etc.) to recoil or strike in recoiling when fired  
6    tr     (Rugby)  
a    to make (a conversion or a drop goal) by means of a kick  
b    to score (a goal) by means of a kicked conversion  
7    tr     (Soccer)   to score (a goal) by a kick  
8    intr     (Cricket)   (of a ball) to rear up sharply  
9    intr; sometimes foll by: against  
Informal   to object or resist  
10    intr  
Informal   to be active and in good health (esp. in the phrase alive and kicking)  
11    Informal   to change gear in (a car, esp. a racing car)  
he kicked into third and passed the bigger car     
12    tr  
Informal   to free oneself of (an addiction, etc.)  
to kick heroin, to kick the habit     
13    kick against the pricks      See       prick       20  
14    kick into touch  
a      (Rugby, soccer)   to kick the ball out of the playing area and into touch  
   See       touch       15  
b    Informal   to take some temporizing action so that a problem is shelved or a decision postponed  
15    kick one's heels   to wait or be kept waiting  
16    kick over the traces      See       trace   2       3  
17    kick the bucket  
Slang   to die  
18    kick up one's heels  
Informal   to enjoy oneself without inhibition  
19    a thrust or blow with the foot  
20    any of certain rhythmic leg movements used in swimming  
21    the recoil of a gun or other firearm  
22    Informal   a stimulating or exciting quality or effect (esp. in the phrases get a kick out of or for kicks)  
23    Informal   the sudden stimulating or intoxicating effect of strong alcoholic drink or certain drugs  
24    Informal   power or force  
25    Slang   a temporary enthusiasm  
he's on a new kick every week     
26    kick in the pants  
a    a reprimand or scolding designed to produce greater effort, enthusiasm, etc., in the person receiving it  
b    a setback or disappointment  
27    kick in the teeth  
Slang   a humiliating rebuff,   (See also)        kick about       kickback       kick in       kick off       kick out       kick up       kick upstairs  
     (C14 kiken, perhaps of Scandinavian origin)  
  kickable      adj  

drop kick  
1    a kick in certain sports such as rugby, in which the ball is dropped and kicked as it bounces from the ground  
   Compare       punt   2       place kick  
2    a wrestling attack, illegal in amateur wrestling, in which a wrestler leaps in the air and kicks his opponent in the face or body with both feet  
3    to kick (a ball, etc.) using a drop kick  
4    to kick (an opponent in wrestling) by the use of a drop kick  
flutter kick  
      n   a type of kick used in certain swimming strokes, such as the crawl, in which the legs are held straight and alternately moved up and down rapidly in the water  
free kick  
      n     (Soccer)   a place kick awarded for a foul or infringement, either direct, from which a goal may be scored, or indirect, from which the ball must be touched by at least one other player for a goal to be allowed  
frog kick  
      n   a type of kick used in swimming, as in the breast stroke, in which the legs are simultaneously drawn towards the body and bent at the knees with the feet together, straightened out with the legs apart, and then brought together again quickly  
goal kick  
      n     (Soccer)   a kick taken from the six-yard line by the defending team after the ball has been put out of play by an opposing player  
kick about   , around  
      vb   mainly adv  
1    tr   to treat harshly  
2    tr   to discuss (ideas, etc.) informally  
3    intr   to wander aimlessly  
4    intr   to lie neglected or forgotten  
5    intr; also prep   to be present in (some place)  
kick boxing  
      n   a martial art that resembles boxing but permits blows with the feet as well as punches  
kick in  
      vb   adv  
1    intr   to start or become activated  
2    tr     (Chiefly Austral. and N.Z.)  
informal   to contribute  
kick off  
      vb   intr, adv  
1    to start play in a game of football by kicking the ball from the centre of the field  
2    Informal   to commence a discussion, job, etc.  
a    a place kick from the centre of the field in a game of football  
b    the time at which the first such kick is due to take place  
kickoff is at 2.30 p.m     
4    Informal  
a    the beginning of something  
b    for a kickoff   to begin with  
kick on  
      vb   adv  
Informal   to continue  
kick out  
      vb   tr., adv  
Informal   to eject or dismiss  
kick pleat  
      n   a back pleat at the hem of a straight skirt to allow the wearer greater ease in walking  
      vb   tr  
1    to start (a motorcycle engine) by means of a pedal that is kicked downwards  
2    Informal   to make (something) active, functional, or productive again  
3    an action or event resulting in the reactivation of something  
  kick-starter      n  
kick turn  
      n     (Skiing)   a standing turn performed by swivelling each ski separately through 180°  
kick up  
      vb   adv  
1    Informal   to cause (trouble, a fuss, etc.)  
2    kick up bobsy-die      See       bobsy-die  
kick upstairs  
      vb   tr, adv  
Informal   to promote to a nominally higher but effectively powerless position  
penalty kick  
1      (Soccer)   a free kick at the goal from a point (penalty spot) within the penalty area and 12 yards (about 11 m) from the goal, with only the goalkeeper allowed to defend it: awarded to the attacking team after a foul within the penalty area by a member of the defending team  
2      (Rugby Union)   a kick awarded after a serious foul that can be aimed straight at the goal to score three points  
place kick     (Football)  
1    a kick in which the ball is placed in position before it is kicked  
2    to kick (a ball) using a place kick,   (Compare)        drop kick       punt   2  
scissors kick  
1    a type of swimming kick used esp. in the sidestroke, in which one leg is moved forward and the other bent back and they are then brought together again in a scissor-like action  
2      (Football)   a kick in which the player leaps into the air raising one leg and brings up his other leg to kick the ball  
stab kick  
      n     (Australian Rules football)   a rapid kick of the ball from one player to another member of his team,   (Also called)    stab pass  

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1    boot, punt, put the boot in(to)     (slang)  
2      (figurative)   complain, gripe     (informal)   grumble, object, oppose, protest, rebel, resist, spurn  
3      (informal)   abandon, desist from, give up, leave off, quit, stop  
4    force, intensity, pep, power, punch, pungency, snap     (informal)   sparkle, strength, tang, verve, vitality, zest  
5    buzz     (slang)   enjoyment, excitement, fun, gratification, jollies     (slang)   pleasure, stimulation, thrill  

kick off  
      vb   begin, commence, get the show on the road, get under way, initiate, kick-start, open, start  
kick out     
discharge, dismiss, eject, evict, expel, get rid of, give (someone) their marching orders, give the boot     (slang)   give the bum's rush     (slang)   give the push, kiss off     (slang, chiefly U.S. & Canad.)   oust, reject, remove, sack     (informal)   show one the door, throw out on one's ear     (informal)   toss out  

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Collaborative Dictionary     English Definition
die ; kick the bucket ; bite the dust ; push up the daisies
[US];[Fam.];[Fig.] Ex.: They intended to buy a lovely house in North California but unfortunately they bought the farm in a plane crash last summer.
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