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1    young, youthful, or immature  
2    suitable or designed for young people  
juvenile pastimes     
3    (of animals or plants) not yet fully mature  
4    of or denoting young birds that have developed their first plumage of adult feathers  
5      (Geology)   occurring at the earth's surface for the first time; new  
juvenile water, juvenile gases     
6    a juvenile person, animal, or plant  
7    an actor who performs youthful roles  
8    a book intended for young readers  
     (C17: from Latin juvenilis youthful, from juvenis young)  
  juvenilely      adv  
  juvenileness      n  

juvenile court  
      n      the former name for       youth court  
juvenile delinquency  
      n   antisocial or criminal conduct by juvenile delinquents  
juvenile delinquent  
      n   a child or young person guilty of some offence, act of vandalism, or antisocial behaviour or whose conduct is beyond parental control and who may be brought before a juvenile court  
juvenile hormone  
      n   a hormone, secreted by insects from a pair of glands behind the brain, that promotes the growth of larval characteristics and inhibits metamorphosis  
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      n   adolescent, boy, child, girl, infant, minor, youth  
      adj   babyish, boyish, callow, childish, girlish, immature, inexperienced, infantile, jejune, puerile, undeveloped, unsophisticated, young, youthful  
,       n   adult, grown-up  
      adj   adult, grown-up, mature, responsible  

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In the UK, a chav is a highly antisocial juvenile delinquent who wears (usually counterfeit) designer sports clothes and high-end brands and vulgar jewellery (= bling) and listens to rap music.
Very common, colloquial En France on appelle ça un caillera
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