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      vb   , jams, jamming, jammed  
1    tr   to cram or wedge into or against something  
to jam paper into an incinerator     
2    tr   to crowd or pack  
cars jammed the roads     
3    to make or become stuck or locked  
the switch has jammed     
4    tr; often foll by: on   to activate suddenly (esp. in the phrase jam on the brakes)  
5    tr   to block; congest  
to jam the drain with rubbish     
6    tr   to crush, bruise, or squeeze; smash  
7      (Radio)   to prevent the clear reception of (radio communications or radar signals) by transmitting other signals on the same frequency  
8    intr  
Musicians' slang   to play in a jam session  
9    a crowd or congestion in a confined space  
a traffic jam     
10    the act of jamming or the state of being jammed  
11    Informal   a difficult situation; predicament  
to help a friend out of a jam     
12       See       jam session  
     (C18: probably of imitative origin; compare champ1)  
  jammer      n  
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jam          [2]  
1    a preserve containing fruit, which has been boiled with sugar until the mixture sets  
2    Slang   something desirable  
you want jam on it     
     (C18: perhaps from jam1 (the act of squeezing))  

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1    cram, crowd, crush, force, pack, press, ram, squeeze, stuff, throng, wedge  
2    block, cease, clog, congest, halt, obstruct, stall, stick  
3    crowd, crush, horde, mass, mob, multitude, pack, press, swarm, throng  
4    bind, deep water, dilemma, fix     (informal)   hole     (slang)   hot water, pickle     (informal)   plight, predicament, quandary, scrape     (informal)   spot     (informal)   strait, tight spot, trouble  

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