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reeve {2} reeve {3} ref ref. Ref. Ch.
reface refection refectory refectory table refer
referee reference reference book referendum referent
referred pain reffo refill refine refined
refinement refinery refit refl. reflate
reflation reflect reflectance reflecting telescope reflection
reflection density reflectometer reflet reflex reflex arc
reflex camera reflexion reflexology reflux reform
Reform Bill Reform Judaism reformation Reformation reformatory
Reformed reformism refract refracting telescope refraction
rego regolith regosol regrate regress
regression regret regroup regulable regular
regularize regulate regulated tenancy regulation regulo
regulus Regulus {1} Regulus {2} regurgitate reheat
Reich {1} Reich {2} Reichenberg Reichsrat Reichstag
Reid reify Reigate reign Reign of Terror
reimburse reimport reimpression Reims rein in
reincarnate reincarnation reindeer Reindeer Lake reindeer moss
reinforced concrete reinsman reinstate reinvent reissue
reiterate Reith reject rejoin {1} rejoinder
rejuvenate rejuvenesce rel. relapse relapsing fever
relata relate relation relational relations
relationship relationship marketing relative aperture relative atomic mass relative density
relative frequency relative humidity relative majority relative molecular mass relative permeability
relative permittivity relativism relativistic relativize remontant
remontoir remote remote access remote control remould
remount removal removalist remove removed
Remscheid remunerate remuneration Remus Renaissance
Renaissance man renal renal pelvis Renan renascence
renascent rencounter rend Rendell rendering
rendezvous rendition rendzina renegade renegado
renewable energy renewal Renfrew Renfrewshire Reni
reni- reniform renin renitent Rennes
Rennie rennin Reno Renoir rensselaerite
rent {1} rent {2} rent boy rent control rent-a-
rent-free rent-roll rente renter rentier
renunciation renvoi rep {1} rep {3} rep {4}
rep. repand reparation repartee repartition
Repeal repeat repeated repeater repeating decimal
repel repellent repent {1} repulse repulsion
repulsive reputable repute reputed request stop
requiescat require requirement requisite requisition
requite reradiation reredorter reremouse rerun
res res adjudicata res gestae res ipsa loquitur res judicata
res publica res. resale resale price maintenance reschedule
rescissible rescission rescissory rescue research and development
reseat resect resection reselect resemblance
resemble resent resentful resentment reserpine
reservation reserve reserve bank reserve currency reserve tranche
reserve-grade reserved reserved list reserved occupation reservoir
reset {1} reset {2} resh Resht reshuffle
reside residence residency resident resident commissioner
residential residential care residential school residentiary residents association
residual residual current device residual unemployment resignation resigned
resile resilience resilient resin resinate
resiniferous resinoid restriction restriction enzyme restriction fragment
restrictive restrictive covenant restrictive practice restructure result
resultant resultant tone resume résumé resupinate
resupine resurge resurgent resurrect resurrection plant
resurrectionism resurrectionist resuscitate resuscitator ret.
retail retch retd rete retene
retentionist retentivity rethink Réti retiarius
retiary reticent reticle reticule reticulocyte
reticuloendothelial reticulum Reticulum retiform retina
retinaculum retinal rivalry retinene retinite retinitis
retinol retinoscopy retinue retiral retire
retiree retirement retirement pension retirement relief retiring
retool retorsion retort {1} retort {2} retouch
retrace retractile retraction retractor retral
retread retreat retrench retrenchment reverential
reverie revers reversal film reverse reverse takeover
reverse transcriptase reverse video reverse-charge reversi reversible
reversing light reversion reversionary bonus reversioner reverso
revert revest revet revetment review
Revised Standard Version Revised Version revision revisionism revisit
revisory revitalize revival revivalism revivalist
revive revivify reviviscence revocable revoke
revolt revolute revolution revolutionary Revolutionary
Revolutionary calendar Revolutionary Wars revolutionize revolver revolving
revolving door revolving fund revue revulsion revulsive
rewa-rewa reward reward claim rewarding rewind
rewire reword rework rewrite rewrite rule
Rex Rexine Reye's syndrome Reykjavik Reynaud
Reynolds Reynolds number Reynosa rf Rf
Rgt rh RH Rh factor Rh negative
Rh positive rhabdomancy rhachis Rhodesia Rhodesian Front
Rhodesian man Rhodesian ridgeback Rhodesoid Rhodian rhodic
rhodinal rhodium rhodo- rhodochrosite rhododendron
rhododendron bug rhodolite rhodonite Rhodope Mountains rhodopsin
Rhodos rhombic rhombic aerial rhombohedral rhombohedron
rhomboid rhomboideus rhonchus Rhondda Rhondda Cynon Taff
Rhône Rhône-Alpes rhotic RHS rhumb line
rhumba rhumbatron rhyme rhyme royal rhymester
rhyming slang rhynchocephalian rhynchophore rhyolite Rhys
rhythm and blues rhythm method rhythm section rhythmic rhythmic gymnastics
rhythmics rhythmist rhyton RI ria
RIA RIAA curve rial rialto Rialto
riant rib {1} rib {2} rib-tickler RIBA
ribald ribaldry riband ribbed and smoked sheet Ribbentrop
ribbing Ribble ribbon ribbon development ribbon microphone
ribbon worm ribbonfish ribbonwood ribcage Ribeirão Prêto
Ribera ribgrass riboflavin ribonuclease ribonucleic acid
ribose ribosomal RNA ribosome ribozyme ribwort
RIC Ricardo Ricci Riccio rift valley
rig {1} rigamarole right angle right ascension Right Honourable
right of way right on Right Reverend right-thinking rightable
righteous Rigi rigid designator rigidify Rigil Kent
rigmarole rigor rigor mortis rigorism rigorous
rigour Rijeka rijksdaaler Rijksmuseum Rijn
rijsttafel Rijswijk rikishi Riksdag Riksmål
rile Riley {1} Riley {2} rilievo Rilke
rillet rim RIM rim-fire rimaye
Rimbaud rime {2} rime riche rimer rimester
Rimini rimose rimrock rimu rimy
rind rinderpest ring {1} ring {2} ring back
risk factor Risorgimento risotto risqué Riss
rissole rit. ritardando rite rite of passage
ritenuto ritornello ritualism ritualize Ritz
ritzy riv. rivage rival rivalry
rive river river blindness river horse Rivera
riverine Rivers Riverside rivet riveting
Riviera rivière rivulet rix-dollar Riyadh
riyal Rizal {2} Rizzio RL rly
rm RM RMA RMM rms
RNZAF RNZN RO ro-ro roach {1}
roach {2} roach {3} Roach roach clip roached
road road agent road allowance road book road hog
road metal road movie road rage road show road tax
road test road train road-fund licence roadbed roadhouse
roadie roadkill roadroller roadrunner roadster
roadway roadwork roadworks roadworthy rockabilly
rockaway Rockefeller rocker rockery rocket {1}
rocket {2} rocketeer rocketry rockfish Rockford
Rockhampton rockhopper Rockies rocking chair rocking horse
rocking stone Rockingham rockling rockoon rockrose
rockshaft rockweed Rockwell rocky {1} rocky {2}
Rocky Mountain goat rococo Roddick rode {1} rode {2}
rodenticide Rodgers Rodin Rodney roe {1}
roe {2} Roe roebuck Roeg Roentgen
roentgen equivalent man roentgenize roentgeno- roentgenogram roentgenology
roentgenopaque roentgenoscope roentgenotherapy Roeselare Roethke
rogallo rogation Roger II Rogers Roget
rognon rogue roguery rogues' gallery roguish
Röhm Rohypnol roil roily roister
rojak ROK Roland role model role-playing
Rolf Rolfe roll roll call roll film
roll in roll of honour romaunt Romberg Rome
Romish Rommel Romney romp through rompers
Romulus Roncesvalles rondavel rondeau rondel
rondelet rondo Rondônia rone ronggeng
ronin Ronsard röntgen Röntgen roo
rood rood screen Roodepoort-Maraisburg roof roof garden
roof rack roofing rooftop rooftree rooibos tea
rooikat rooinek rook {1} rook {2} rookery
rookie rooky room room service roomette
rooming house roommate roomy roorback Roosevelt
roost Roost root {2} root {3} root beer
root canal root cap root crop root ginger root hair
root nodule root out root position

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