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morsel mort {1} mort {2} mortal mortality
mortality rate mortar mortgagee mortgagor mortician
mortify Mortimer mortise mortise lock Morton
mortuary morwong moryah MOS mosaic
Mosaic mosaic disease mosaic gold Mosaic law mosasaur
Moscow Moselle Moses Moses basket mosey
MOSFET mosh mosh pit moshav Moshesh
Moskva Moslem Mosley mosque mosquito
mosquito boat mosquito hawk mosquito net moss Moss
moss agate moss layer moss pink moss rose moss stitch
Mossad mossback Mössbauer effect Mossi mossie {1}
mossie {2} mosso mosstrooper most Most Honourable
Most Reverend mould {1} mould {2} mould {3} mouldboard
moulder {1} moulding moulding board mouldy mouldy fig
moulin Moulin Moulins Moulmein moult
mound {1} mound {2} Mound Builder mound-builder mount {1}
mount {2} Mount Cook lily Mount Isa Mount McKinley National Park Mount Rainier National Park
mountain Mountain mountain ash mountain avens mountain bike
mountain cat mountain chain mountain devil mountain everlasting mountain laurel
mountain lion mountain range mountain sheep mountain sickness Mountain Standard Time
mountaineer mountainous Mountbatten mountebank mounted
Mountie mourn Mourne Mountains mourner mournful
mourning band mourning dove mouse mouse-ear mousebird
mouser mousetail mousetrap mousey moussaka
mousse mousseline mousseline de laine mousseline sauce Moussorgsky
moustache moustache cup Mousterian mousy mouth
mouth organ mouth-to-mouth mouthbrooder mouthpart mouthpiece
mouthy mouton move in move out movement
movie movie camera movie film muck-up day muckamuck
muckrake mucksweat muckworm mucky muco-
mucoid mucoprotein mucopurulent mucor mucosa
mucous membrane mucro mucus mud mud bath
mud dauber mud flat mud hen mud map mud pie
mud puppy mud turtle mud volcano mudcat muddle
muddle along muddle through muddleheaded muddler muddy
Mudéjar mudfish mudflow mudguard mudir
mudlark mudpack mudskipper mudslinging mudstone
muenster muff {1} muff {2} muffin muffin man
muffle {1} muffle {2} muffler mufti {1} mufti {2}
mug up Mugabe mugger {1} mugger {2} muggy
mugwort mugwump Muhammad Muhammad Ali Muhammadan
Muharram Mühlhausen Muir Glacier muirburn mujaheddin
mujik Mukden mukluk mulberry Mulberry Harbour
mulch mulct mule {1} mule {2} mule deer
mule skinner mules Mules operation muleta muleteer
multiprogramming multipurpose vehicle multiracial multirole multiseriate
multiskilling multistage multistorey multitude multitudinous
multivalent multivariate multiversity multivocal multiwindow
multum in parvo multure mum {1} mum {2} mum {3}
mum {4} Mumbai mumble mumbo jumbo mumchance
mummer Mummerset mummery mummify mummy {1}
mummy {2} mump {2} mumsy mun. munch
Munch Munchausen Munchausen's syndrome Munchausen's syndrome by proxy München-Gladbach
munchkin Munda mundane mung bean munga
mungo Munich Pact municipalize munificent muniment
muniments munition munitions Munnings munnion
Munro {1} Munro {2} Munsell scale münster Munster
Münster Münsterberg munt muntin muntjac
Muntz metal Müntzer muon muon-catalysed fusion muonic atom
murage mural Murasaki Shikibu Murat Murchison
Murcia murdabad murder murderous mure
Mures murex muriate muriatic acid muricate
Murillo murine musk turtle muskeg musket
musketeer musketry Muskie muskmelon Muskogean
muskrat musky {1} musky {2} Muslim muslin
MusM musquash Musset Mussolini Mussorgsky
Mussulman must {2} must {3} must {4} mustache
mustachio Mustafa Kemal mustang mustard mustard and cress
mustard gas mustard plaster mustee musteline muster
muster roll musth musty mut mutable
mutagenesis mutant mutation mutation stop mutatis mutandis
Mutazilite mutch {1} mutch {2} mutchkin mute {1}
mute {2} mute swan Muti muticous mutilate
mutineer mutiny mutism Mutsuhito mutt
mutter Mutter mutton mutton bird mutton chop
mutton-birder muttonchops muttonhead Muttra mutual
mutual fund mutual inductance mutual induction mutual insurance mutual savings bank
mutualism mutualize mutuel mutule muu-muu
Muybridge Muzak muzhik Muzorewa muzz
muzzle velocity muzzle-loader Mysia Mysore mystagogue
mysterious mystery {1} mystery {2} mystery play mystery tour
mystic mystical mysticism mystify mystique
mythological mythologist mythologize mythology mythomania
mythopoeia mythopoeic mythos Mytilene myxo
myxo- myxoedema myxoma myxomatosis myxovirus
mzee mzungu n n {1} n-
N. n.o. n/a N/F na
naan naartjie Nabataean Nabis nabla
Nablus nabob Nabokov Nabonidus Naboth
Nadar Nader NADH NADPH nae
naevus naff naff off NAFTA nag {1}
nag {2} Naga Nagaland nagana Nagano
Nagarjuna Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Region Nagoya Nagpur Nagy
Nansen bottle Nansen passport Nanterre Nantes Nantong
Naoise Naomi naos nap {2} nap {3}
napalm nape napery Naphtali naphthalene
naphthene naphthol naphthyl Napier {1} Napier {2}
Napier's bones Napierian logarithm napiform napkin Naples
Naples yellow napoleon Napoleon I Napoleon II Napoleon III
Napoleonic Napoleonic Code Napoleonic Wars Napoli nappa
nappe napper {1} napper {2} nappy {1} nappy {2}
nappy rash Nara Narayan Narayanganj Narbada
Narbonne narc narceine narcissus Narcissus
narco- narcoanalysis narcolepsy narcosis narcotic
narcotism narcotize nard nardoo nares
narghile narial nark narky Narmada
Narraganset narrate narrative narrow narrow boat
narrow gauge narrow seas narrowcast narthex Narva
nary NASA nasal index nasalize nascent
naseberry Naseby Nashe nashi Nashville
nasi goreng natural deduction natural frequency natural gas natural gender
natural history natural immunity natural justice natural language natural law
natural logarithm natural rate of unemployment natural resources natural science natural selection
natural-born naturalism naturalistic naturalistic fallacy naturalize
naturally nature Nature Conservancy Council nature reserve nature strip
nature study nature trail naturism nauch Naucratis
naught naughty Nausicaä naut. nautch
nautical nautical mile nautiloid nautilus nav.
Navaho naval architecture Navaratri navarin Navarino
nave {1} nave {2} navel navel orange navelwort
navew navicert navicular navig. navigable
navigate navigation Navigation Acts navigator Návpaktos
Navratilova navvy navy navy blue navy cut
nawab Naxalite Naxos nay Nayarit
Nazarene Nazareth Nazarite {1} Nazarite {2} NB
necromancy necromania necrophilism necrophobia necrophorous
necropolis necropsy necrose necrosis necrotomy
necrotroph nectar nectarine nectarivorous nectary
NEDC neddy Nederland née needful
neediness needle needle bearing needle exchange needle fly
needle time needle valve needlecord needlecraft needlefish
needleful needlepoint needless needlewoman needlework
needs needs test needy Néel Néel point
neem neep nefarious Nefertiti NEG
neg. negate negative negative equity negative feedback
negative hallucination negative polarity negative reinforcement negative resistance negative sign
negative tax negative-raising negativism negator negatron
Negev neglect neglectful negligee negligence
negligent negligible negotiable negotiable instrument negotiant
negotiate negotiation Negress Negri Sembilan Negrillo
Negritic negritude Negro {1} Negro {2} Negro spiritual
Negroid Negrophil Negrophobe Negropont Negros
negus Negus Neh. Nehru neigh
neighbour neighbourhood neighbourhood watch neighbourly Neptune {1}
Neptune {2} Neptunian neptunium neral NERC
nerd Nereid {2} nereis Nereus Neri
nerine neritic Nernst Nernst heat theorem Nero
neroli oil Neruda Nerva Nerval nervate
nerve nerve block nerve cell nerve centre nerve fibre
nerve gas nerve impulse nerve-racking nerveless nerves
Nervi nervine nerving nervous nervous breakdown
nervous system nervure nervy Nesbit nescience
nesh ness Ness nesselrode Nesselrode
Nessus nest nest box nest egg nestle
nestling Nestor Nestorianism Nestorius net {1}
net {2} net asset value Net Book Agreement net domestic product net national product
net present value net profit net realizable value net ton Netaji
Netanyahu netball Neth. nether nether world
Netherlands Netherlands East Indies netsuke nett netting
nettle nettle rash nettlesome

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