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Malé male chauvinism male fern male menopause maleate
Malebranche maledict malediction malefactor maleficent
maleic acid malemute Malenkov Malevich malevolent
mamma {2} mammal mammalogy mammary mammee
mammet mammiferous mammock mammography mammon
Mammon mammoth Mammoth Cave National Park mammy mammy wagon
Mamoré mampara mampoer mamzer man
Man {1} Man {2} man about town man Friday man jack
man lock man of God man of straw man orchid man-at-arms
man-eater man-made man-of-war man-of-war bird man-sized
man-to-man Man. mana manacle Manado
manage managed bonds managed currency management management accounting
management information system management union manager manageress managerialism
Managua manakin Manama mañana Manáos
Manassas Manasseh manat manatee Manaus
Manche manchester Manchester Manchester terrier manchineel
Manchukuo Manchuria manciple Mancunian Mandaean
mandala Mandalay mandamus mandarin Mandarin Chinese
Mandarin collar mandarin duck mandate mandatory Mandelbrot set
Mandelstam mandible Mandingo mandir Mannheim School
mannikin Manning mannish mannose manoeuvre
Manolete manometer manor manor house manoscopy
manpower manpower planning Manpower Services Commission manqué Manresa
manrope mansard Mansart manse Mansell
manservant Mansfield {1} Mansfield {2} Mansholt mansion
Mansion House Manson mansuetude Mansur Mansûra
manta manteau Mantegna mantel mantelet
mantelletta mantelpiece manteltree mantic mantilla
Mantinea mantis mantis shrimp mantissa mantle
mantling Mantova mantra mantrap mantua
Mantua manual manubrium manuf. manufactory
manufacture manufacturer Manukau manumit manure
manus manuscript Manutius Manx Manx shearwater
Manxman manzanilla Manzoni Mao suit Mao Tse-tung
Maoism Maori Maori Battalion Maori bug Maori bunk
Maori oven Maori rat Maori warden Maoriland map
Marenzio marg marg. Margaret Margaret of Anjou
Margaret of Navarre Margaret of Scotland margaric acid margarita Margate
Margaux margay marge {1} marge {2} margin
marginal probability marginalia margravate margrave margravine
Margrethe II marguerite Mari Mari El Republic maria
Maria de' Medici Maria Theresa mariachi mariage blanc mariage de convenance
Marian Mariana Islands Marianne Mariánské Lázne Maribor
mariculture Marie Marie Antoinette Marie Byrd Land Marie de France
Marie Galante Mariehamn Marienbad marigold marigram
marimba Marin marina marinade marinate
marine marine borer marine engineer marine insurance marine railway
mariner Mariner Marinetti Mariology marionette
mariposa Marist maritage Maritain marital
maritime Maritime Alps Maritime Provinces Maritimer Maritsa
Mariupol Marivaux mark {1} Mark Mark Antony
mark-up marka markdown marked Mars {2}
marseille Marseille marsh Marsh marsh andromeda
marsh elder marsh fern marsh fever marsh gas marsh harrier
marsh hawk marsh hen marsh mallow marsh marigold marsh orchid
marsh tit marshal Marshal of the Royal Air Force Marshall Marshall Islands
Marshall Plan marshalling yard Marshalsea marshbuck marshland
marshmallow marshwort marshy Marsilius of Padua marsipobranch
marsupial marsupial mole marsupial mouse marsupium mart
Martaban Martel martellato Martello tower marten
martensite Martha martial Martial {1} Martial {2}
martial art martial law Martian martin Martin
Martin du Gard Martin V Martineau martinet martingale
martini Martini Martinique Martinu martlet
martyr martyrdom martyrology martyry marvel
marvel-of-Peru Marvell Marx Marx Brothers Marxian
Marxism Marxism-Leninism Marxist Mary I Mary II
mary jane Mary, Queen of Scots Maryology marzipan Masaccio
Masada Masai Masakhane Masan Masaryk
Masbate mastaba mastectomy master Master
master aircrew master builder master corporal master cylinder master key
Master of Arts master of ceremonies master of foxhounds Master of Science Master of the Horse
Master of the Queen's Music Master of the Rolls master sergeant master warrant officer master-at-arms
masterclass masterful masterpiece Masters masterstroke
mastery masthead masticate masticatory mastiff
mastitis masto- mastodon mastoid mastoidectomy
mastoiditis Mastroianni masturbate Masuria masurium
mat {1} mat {2} mat {3} mat grass mat.
Mata Hari mata-mata Matabele Matabeleland Matadi
matador Matanzas Matapan match {1} match {2}
match play match point match-fit matchboard matchbox
matched sample matched-pairs design matchet matchlock matchmaker {2}
matchmark matchwood mate {2} maté mate's rates
matelassé matelot matelote mater mater dolorosa
materfamilias materia medica material material implication material mode
materialism materiality materialize materially materials
materiel maternal Maugham maugre Maui
maul Maulana maulers Maulmain maulstick
maumet maun Mauna Kea Mauna Loa maund
maunder maundy Maundy money Maundy Thursday maungy
Maupassant Maupertuis Mauretania Mauriac Maurice
Maurist Mauritania Mauritius Maurois Maurras
Maury Maurya Mauser mausoleum mauvais pas
mauvais quart d'heure mauvaise foi mauve maven maverick
mavis mavourneen maw mawger mawkin
mawkish max Max Müller maxi maxilla
maximal maximalist Maximalist Maximilian Maximilian I
maximin maximize maximum maximum likelihood maximum-minimum thermometer
maximus maxixe may {1} may {3} May {1}
May {2} May apple May beetle may tree Maya {1}
Maya {2} Mayagüez Mayakovski Mayan maybe
Mayday Mayence Mayenne Mayer mayest
mayflower Mayflower mayfly mayhap mayhem
Meads meagre meal {1} meal {2} meal ticket
mealie pap meals on wheels mealy mealy bug mealy-mouthed
mean {1} mean {2} mean {3} mean free path mean sea level
mean solar day mean sun mean-tone tuning meaning meaningful
meaningless means means test meanwhile meany
Mearns meas. measled measurable measure
measure off measure out measure up measured measured daywork
measurement measures measuring jug measuring worm meat
meataxe meatball meatus meaty mecamylamine
Mecca Meccano mech. mechanic mechanical
mechanical advantage mechanical drawing mechanical engineering mechanical equivalent of heat mechanical instrument
mechanician mechanics mechanism mechanist mechanotherapy
mechatronics Mechelen Mechlin Mecklenburg-West Pomerania MEcon
meconium meconopsis Med MEd MED
med. médaillons medal meet {1} meeting
mefloquine meg mega megabit megabuck
megabyte megacephaly megadeath megadose Megaera
megafauna megaflop megagamete megahertz megalith
megalithic tomb megalo- megaloblast megaloblastic anaemia megalocardia
megalomania megalopolis megalosaur megaphanerophyte megaphone
megapode Megara megaron megascopic megaspore
megastar megathere megawatt Megger Megiddo
megillah megilp megohm megrim {1} megrim {2}
megrims Mehemet Ali meibomian cyst meibomian gland Meiji
meiosis Meir Meissen Meissner effect Meistersinger
Meitner meitnerium Méjico Mekka Meknès
Mekong mela melaleuca melamine melamine resin
melancholia Melanchthon Melanesia melanic melanism
melanite melano- Melanochroi melanocyte melanoid
melanoma melanosis melanous melaphyre melatonin
Melba Melba sauce menagerie Menai Strait Menander
menaquinone menarche Mencius Mencken mend
Mendel Mendel's laws mendelevium Mendeleyev Mendelian
Mendelism Mendelssohn Menderes Mendès-France mendicant
mending Mendips Mendoza {1} Mendoza {2} mene, mene, tekel, upharsin
meneer Menelaus Menelik II Menes menfolk
Mengelberg Mengistu Haile Mariam Mengzi menhaden menhir
menial Ménière's syndrome menilite Meninga meninges
meningocele meningococcus meniscus menispermaceous meno
meno mosso meno- menology Menomini Menon
menopause menorah menorrhagia menorrhoea Menotti
mens rea mens sana in corpore sano Mensa {1} Mensa {2} mensal {2}
menses Menshevik menstrual menstruate menstruation
menstruum mensurable mensural mensuration menswear
mental {2} mental age mental block mental cruelty mental deficiency
mental disorder mental handicap mental healing mental home mental illness
mental impairment mental lexicon mental reservation mental retardation mentalism
mentality mentation menthaceous menthol mentholated
mention Mentmore mentor Mentor meritorious
merits merkin merle {1} merle {2} Merleau-Ponty
merlin Merlin merlon Merlot mermaid
mermaid's purse mero- meroblastic merocrine Meroë
meroplankton Merovingian merozoite merriment merry
merry dancers merry men merry-andrew merry-go-round merrymaking
merrythought merse Merse Merseburg Mersey
Mersey beat Merseyside Mersin Merthyr Tydfil Merton {1}
Merton {2} mes- mesa Mesa Verde mésalliance
mesarch mescal mescaline mesdames mesdemoiselles
meseems mesembryanthemum mesencephalon

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