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annual parallax annual percentage rate annual ring annualize annuitant
annuity annul annular annular eclipse annular ligament
annulate annulation annulet annulment annulose
annulus annunciate Annunciation annunciator annus horribilis
annus mirabilis anoa anthelix antheridium antherozoid
anthesis antho- anthocyanin anthodium anthologize
anthology Anthony of Padua anthophilous anthophore anthotaxy
anthozoan anthracene anthracnose anthracoid anthracosis
anthraquinone anthrax anthrop. anthropic anthropic principle
anthropo- anthropocentric anthropogenesis anthropoid anthropoid ape
anthropol. anthropology anthropometry anthropomorphic anthropomorphism
anthropomorphize anthropomorphosis anthropomorphous anthropopathy anthropophagi
anthropophagite anthropophyte anthroposophy anthurium anti
anti- anti-aircraft Anti-Corn Law League anti-G suit anti-inflammatory
Anti-Lebanon anti-roman anti-Semite antiar antibaryon
Antibes antibiosis antibiotic antibody antic
anticathode antichlor anticholinergic anticholinesterase Antichrist
anticipant anticipate anticipation anticlastic anticlerical
anticlimax anticlinal anticlinorium anticlockwise anticoagulant
anticoincidence anticonvulsant Anticosti antics anticyclone
antidepressant antidiuretic hormone antidote antidromic antidune
antisepsis antiseptic antislavery antisocial antispasmodic
antistatic Antisthenes antistrophe antisymmetric antitank
antithesis antithetical antitoxin antitrades antitragus
antitranspirant antitrust antitussive antitype antivenin
antiviral antiworld antler antler moth Antlia
antlike antlion Antonello da Messina Antonescu Antonine Wall
Antoninus Antonioni Antonius antonomasia Antony
antonym antre Antrim antrorse antrum
Antseranana Antung Antwerp Anu ANU
Anubis Anuradhapura anuran anuresis anuria
anurous anxiety disorder anxiety neurosis anxiolytic anxious
any any more Anyang anybody anyhow
anyone anyplace anyroad anything anyway
anyways anywhere anywise ANZAAS Anzac
Anzac Day Anzio AOC AOCB AOH
AONB AOR Aorangi-Mount Cook aorist aorta
aortitis Aosta Aotearoa aoudad Aouita
ap AP apocynthion apodal apodeictic
apodosis apogamy apogee apolitical apollo {1}
Apollo {1} Apollo {2} Apollonian Apollonius of Perga Apollonius of Rhodes
Apollyon apologetics apologia apologize apologue
apology apolune apomict apomixis apomorphine
aponeurosis apophasis apophthegm apophyge apoplast
apoplexy apoprotein apoptosis aport aposematic
aposiopesis apospory apostasy apostate apostatize
apostil apostle apostle spoon Apostles' Creed apostolate
apostolic apostolic delegate Apostolic Fathers Apostolic See Apostolic succession
apostrophe {1} apostrophe {2} apostrophize apothecaries' measure apothecaries' weight
apothecary apothecium apothegm apothem apotheosis
apotropaic app. appal apparatus criticus apparel
apparent magnitude apparent movement apparition apparitor appassionato
appeal appealing appear appearance appearance money
appease appel appellant approved social worker approx.
approximal approximate approximation appulse appurtenance
appurtenant APR Apr. après-ski apricot
apron apron stage apropos aprotic apse
apsis apt APT apt. apteral
apterygial apteryx aptitude aptitude test APU
Apuleius Apulia Apure Apurimac Apus
apyrexia AQ aq. Aqaba Aqmola
Aqtöbe aqua aqua fortis aqua regia aqua vitae
aquaculture aquaerobics aqualung aquamarine aquanaut
aquaphobia aquarelle aquarist aquashow aquatic
aquatics aquatint aquavit aqueduct aqueous
aqueous humour aquiculture aquifer Aquila {1} Aquila {2}
aquilegia Aquileia aquiline Aquinas Aquino
Aquitaine Ar AR Ar Rimal ar.
Ar. Ara Arab Arab League Arab.
arabesque Arabian Arabian camel Arabian Desert Arabian Nights' Entertainments
Arabic arabica bean arabinose arabis Arabist
arable archaeology archaeopteryx archaeornis Archaeozoic
archaeozoology archaic archaism archaize archangel
Archangel archbishop archbishopric Archbp Archd.
archdeacon archdeaconry archdiocese archducal archduchess
archduchy archduke Archean arched archegonium
archenemy archeology Archeozoic archer Archer {1}
archerfish Arches archetype archi- Archibald prize
archicarp archidiaconal archidiaconate archiepiscopal archiepiscopate
archil Archilochian Archilochus archimage archimandrite
Archimedes {2} Archimedes' principle Archimedes' screw archine archipelago
Archipenko archiphoneme archiplasm archit. architectonic
architectonics architrave archival storage archive archivist
archivolt archon archoplasm archpriest archt
archway Arcimboldo ARCM arcograph arcos
ARCS arcsin arctan Arctic arctic char
Arctic Circle arctic fox arctic hare Arctic Ocean arctic tern
arctic willow Arctogaea arctophile Arcturus arcuate
arcuation arcus senilis ardeb Ardèche Arden {1}
aril Arimathea Ariminum arioso Ariosto
arise arista Aristaeus Aristarchus Aristarchus of Samos
Aristarchus of Samothrace Aristides Aristippus aristocracy aristocrat
aristocratic Aristophanes Aristotelian Aristotelian logic Aristotle {1}
Aristotle {2} arithmetic mean Arius Arizona Arjuna
ark Ark Ark. Arkansas Arkhangelsk
arkose Arkwright Arlberg Arles Arlington
Arlon arm {1} arm {2} arm wrestling arm's-length
Arm. armada Armada armadillo Armagh
Armagnac Armalite armament armamentarium armature
armband armchair Armco armed {1} armed {2}
armed forces Armenia Armenian Armenian Church Armentières
armeria armful armhole Armidale armiger
armillary armillary sphere Arminian armorial armory
armour armour plate armour-bearer armoured armourer
armoury armrest arms Art Deco art form
art paper art. Arte Povera artefact artel
artemisia arterial arterialize arterio- arteriography
arteriole arteritis artery Artex arthrectomy
arthritis arthro- arthrodia arthromere arthroplasty
arthropod arthroscope Arthur Arthurian arti
artic artichoke article article numbering article of faith
articled articles of association Articles of Confederation Articles of War articular
articulate articulated lorry articulation articulatory loop articulatory phonetics
artifact artifice artificer artificial artificial climbing
artificial feel artificial horizon artificial insemination artificial intelligence artificial kidney
artificial language artificial respiration artificialize Artigas artillery
artillery plant artilleryman artiodactyl artisan artist
artistic artistry artless Artois arts
Arts and Crafts artwork arty arty-crafty arty-farty
Aru Islands Aruba arum Arunachal Pradesh Arundel
arundinaceous ashet Ashford Ashkenazi Ashkenazy
ashkey Ashkhabad ashlar ashlaring Ashley
Ashmolean Museum ashore ashplant Ashton Ashtoreth
ashtray Ashur Ashurbanipal ashy Asia
Asia Minor Asian Asian flu Asiatic Asiatic cholera
aside Asimov asinine ASIO ask
Ask ask after ask for askance askari
askew Askey asking price Askja ASL
aslant asleep ASLEF ASLIB aslope
ASM Asmara Asmodeus Asnières Aso
asocial Asoka asp {1} asp {2} asparagine
asparagus aspartic acid Aspasia aspect aspect ratio
aspectual aspen asperate Asperger's syndrome Asperges
aspergillosis aspergillum asperity aspermia asperse
aspersion aspersorium asphalt asphaltite aspherical surface
asphodel asphyxiant asphyxiate aspic {1} aspic {2}
aspic {3} aspidistra Aspinwall aspirant aspirate
aspiration aspirator aspire aspirin asplenium
Assumption Assurbanipal assure assured assured tenancy
assurgent Assyr. Assyria AST astable
Astaire Astana Astarte astatic astatide
astatine Astbury aster astereognosis asteriated
asterisk asterism asternal asteroid asthenia
asthenic asthenopia asthenosphere asthma asthmatic
Asti astigmatic astigmatism astilbe astir
Astolat astomatous Aston astonied astonish
astonishment Astoria astound astr. astraddle
astragalus astrakhan Astrakhan astral astraphobia
astray astrict astride astringent astro-
astrobiology astrobleme astrobotany astrodynamics astrogeology
astroid astrol. astrology astrometry astronaut
astronautics astronomer Astronomer Royal astronomical astronomical clock
astronomical telescope astronomical unit astronomical year astronomy astrophotography
Asturias {1} Asturias {2} astute Astyanax astylar
Asunción asunder Atlas Mountains ATM atm.
atman atmo- atmolysis atmometer atmospheric perspective
atmospheric pressure atmospherics ATN atoll atom
atom smasher atomic atomic age atomic bomb atomic clock
atomic cocktail atomic energy Atomic Energy Authority Atomic Energy Commission atomic heat
atomic mass atomic mass unit atomic number atomic pile atomic power
atomic structure atomic theory atomic volume atomic weight atomicity
atomism atomize atomizer

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