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-dromous -ean -ectomy -ed {1} -ed {2}
-ed {3} -ee -eer -eme -emia
-en {1} -en {2} -ence -enchyma -ency
-end -ene -ent -eous -er {1}
-er {2} -ery -es -escent -ese
-esque -ess -est {1} -est {2} -et
-eth {2} -ette -ey -facient -favoured
-fer -ferous -fic -fid -florous
-fold -footed -form -free -friendly
-fuge -ful -fy -gaited -gamous
-gamy -gate -gen -gene -genesis
-genic -genous -geny -gerous -gnathous
-gnosis -gon -gonium -gony -grade
-gram -graph -grapher -graphy -gynous
-haired -handed -head -hearted -hedron
-hemia -holic -hood -i -i-
-ia -ial -ian -iana -iasis
-iatrics -iatry -ible -ic -ical
-ician -ics -id {1} -id {2} -id {3}
-idae -ide -ie -ier -ory {2}
-ose {1} -ose {2} -osis -otic -our
-ous -oyl -parous -path -pathy
-ped -pede -person -petal -phage
-phagy -phane -phany -phile -philia
-philous -phobe -phobia -phone -phony
-phore -phoresis -phyll -phyllous -phyte
-plasia -plasm -plast -plastic -plasty
-plegia -pod -podium -poiesis -pounder
-prone -proof -pterous -rigged -rrhagia
-rrhoea -ry -s {2} -s {3} -s'
-saur -scape -scope -scopy -seater
-sect -sepalous -shaped -ship -sided
-some {1} -some {2} -some {3} -something -sophy
-speak -sperm -sphere -sporous -st
-stat -ster -stichous -stome -stomous
-stomy -stress -tactic -taxis -taxy
-teen -termer -th {1} -th {2} -thermy
-thon -thymia -tion -to-be -tome
-tomy -trix -tron -trope -trophy
A4 A5 aa {1} aa {2} AA
AAA Aachen Aalborg Aalesund aalii
Aalst Aalto AAM AAP Aarau
aardvark aardwolf Aargau Aarhus Aaron
Aaron's beard Aaron's rod Aaronic Ab AB
ab initio ab ovo ab urbe condita ab- {1} ab- {2}
aba ABA abac abaca aback
abactinal abacus Abadan Abaddon abaft
Abakan abalone abampere abandon abandoned
abandonee abapical abase abash abate
abatement abatis abator abaxial Abba
abbacy Abbado Abbas Abbas I Abbasid
abbatial abbé Abbe abbess Abbeville
abbey Abbey Theatre abbot abbrev. abbreviate
abbreviation ABC {1} ABC {2} abcoulomb Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan
Abd Allah Abd-el-Krim Abdelkader Abdias abdicate
abdomen abdominal thrust abducens nerve abducent abduct
Abdul Rahman Abdul-Hamid II Abdullah Abdullah II abeam
abecedarian abed Abednego Abel Abelard
abele Abelian group abelmosk about-ship abracadabra
abrade Abraham abreaction abroach ABS
abscise abscission layer absenteeism absinthism absit omen
absolute Absolute absolute configuration absolute judgment absolute temperature
absolute threshold absolute viscosity absolutely absolution absorbance
absorbed absorbed dose absorbent cotton absorbing absorptance
absorption absquatulate abstergent abstinence abstract expressionism
abstract of title abstractionism absurd ABTA access
access course access road access time accessary accessible
accessorius accessorize accessory fruit accessory nerve accessory shoe
acciaccatura accidence accident accident insurance accidental
accidie accipiter accipitrine acclaim acclamation
acclimatize acclivity accolade accommodate accommodating
accommodation accommodation address accommodation bill accommodation ladder accommodation platform
accompaniment accompany accomplice accomplish accomplished
accordance accordant according accordingly accordion
accordion pleats accost accouchement accoucheur account
account executive account for account payable account receivable accountable
accountancy accountant accounting accouplement accoutre
accoutrement Accra accredit accrescent accrete
accretion accretionary wedge Accrington accrual accrue
ACCT acculturate accumulate accumulation accumulation point
accumulator accuracy accurate accursed accusal
accusation accusative accusatorial accuse accused
accustom accustomed Accutron ace ACE
ACE inhibitor acedia Aceldama acellular acentric
acidic acidify acidimeter acidimetry acidity
acidometer acidophil acidophilus milk acidulate acidulous
acierate acinaciform aciniform ack-ack ackee
acknowledgment aclinic line ACM acme acme screw thread
acnode Acol Açôres acorn barnacle acorn valve
acorn worm acotyledon acoustic guitar acquaintance acquiesce
acquired behaviour acquired characteristic acquired drive acquired immune deficiency syndrome acquired immunity
acquired taste acquisition acquisition accounting acquisitive acquit
acquittal acquittance acre Acre acre-foot
acre-inch acreage acred acrid acridine
acriflavine acriflavine hydrochloride Acrilan acrimony acro-
acrobat acrobatics acrocarpous acrocentric acrocyanosis
acrodont acrodrome acrogen acrolein acrolith
acromegaly acromion acronychal acronym acroparaesthesia
acropetal acrophobia acropolis Acropolis acrospire
across acute accent acute arch acute dose ACW
acyclic acyl acyl anhydride acyl halide acylation
ad {1} ad {2} AD ad hoc ad hominem
ad infinitum ad litem ad nauseam ad referendum ad rem
ad val. ad valorem ad- ad-lib Ada
adactylous adage adagio Adam {1} Adam {2}
Adam's apple Adam's-needle adamant adamantine Adamawa
Adamite Adamov Adams {1} Adams-Stokes syndrome adamsite
Adana adaptive radiation adaptor ADC add up
add. addax added sixth adder {1} adder {2}
adder's-meat adder's-mouth adder's-tongue addict addiction
addictive adding adding machine Addington Addis Ababa
Addison addition Additional Member System additionality additive
additive process addle {2} address addressable addressee
adduce adduct adductor Adelaide Adélie Land
ademption Aden adenine adenitis adeno-
adnoun ado adobe flat adolescence adolescent
Adonic Adonis adopt adopted adoption panel
adoptive adorable adoration adore adorn
Adorno Adowa ADP {1} Adrastea Adrastus
adrenal adrenal insufficiency Adrenalin adrenaline adrenergic
adrenocorticotrophic adrenocorticotrophic hormone Adrian Adrian IV Adriatic Sea
adrift adroit adscititious adscription adsorb
adsorbent adsuki bean adsum adularescent adularia
adulate Adullamite adult Adult Training Centre adulterer
adulterine adulterous adultery adumbral adumbrate
adv. advance advance guard advance notice advance poll
advance ratio advanced advanced gas-cooled reactor Advanced level advancement
advances advantage advantaged advection advent
Advent Advent calendar Advent Sunday adventitia adventure playground
adventurer adventurism adventurous adverbial adverse
adverse possession adverse pressure gradient adversity aerodynamics aerodyne
aeroembolism aerofoil aerogel aerogram aerography
aeromechanic aeromechanics aerometeorograph aerometer aerometry
aeron. aeronaut aeronautical aeronautical engineering aeronautics
aeroneurosis aeronomy aeropause aerophagia aerophobia
aerophyte aeroplane aeroplane cloth aeroplane spin aerosol
aerospace aerosphere aerostat aerostatics aerostation
aerugo aery {1} aery {2} Aeschines Aeschylus
Aesculapian aesthesia aesthete aesthetician aesthetics
aestival aestivate aestivation aet. aether
aethereal aetiological aetiology Aetna Aetolia
AEW AF Af. afar Afars and the Issas
AFB AFC afeard afebrile aff
affable affair affaire d'honneur affaire de coeur affairs
affect {1} affect {2} affectation affected {1} affected {2}
affecting affection affectionate affective affective psychosis
affectless affenpinscher afferent affettuoso affiance
affiant affiche affidavit affiliate afterheat
afterimage afterlife aftermath aftermost afternoon
afternoons afterpains afterpeak afterpiece afters
aftersensation aftershaft aftershave lotion aftershock aftertaste
afterthought afterwards afterword afterworld AFTN
AFV Ag AG aga Aga Khan
Aga Khan IV Agadir again against agalactia
agalloch agama Agamemnon agamogenesis agamogony
agamont agamospermy Agaña agape Agape
agar agaric Agartala agave AGC
agcy age allowance age hardening age of consent Age of Reason
agee Agee ageism ageless Agen
agency agenda agent agent of production Agent Orange
agent provocateur agent-general agentive ageratum ageusia
Aggadah agger aggiornamento

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