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incubation period


      n     (Med)   the time between exposure to an infectious disease and the appearance of the first signs or symptoms,   (Sometimes shortened to)    incubation  
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1    (of birds) to supply (eggs) with heat for their development, esp. by sitting on them  
2    to cause (eggs, embryos, bacteria, etc.) to develop, esp. in an incubator or culture medium  
3    intr   (of eggs, embryos, bacteria, etc.) to develop in favourable conditions, esp. in an incubator  
4    intr   (of disease germs) to remain inactive in an animal or human before causing disease  
5    to develop or cause to develop gradually; foment or be fomented  
     (C18: from Latin incubare to lie upon, hatch, from in-2 + cubare to lie down)  
   incubation             n  
  incubational      adj  
  incubative, incubatory      adj  

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Collaborative Dictionary     English Definition
Late stage of the Triassic period
Lesewut is a German word for "reading craze" (literally) used to describe a specific period in the intellectual history of Germany from the late eighteenth century onward.
a sound (usually a song, jingle) that one hears mentally for a certain period of time
distinctive scent that accompanies the rain and rises up from the ground especially after a period of warm and dry weather
Ex.: And we could smell the scent of wheat and petrichor rising up in the air as a silent clamour.
sleep for a short period of time, have a light sleep
a series of tweets on the same topic published in a short period
a website that did not undergo any change for a long period of time
1. [Rel.] expression used to describe metaphorically a period of ignorance and spiritual crisis that precedes the communion with Divinity ; 2. in a larger meaning, it is used when refering to having a hard time, going through a phase of pessimism, sadness, failure etc.
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