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      vb   tr  
1    to make an impression on; have a strong, lasting, or favourable effect on  
I am impressed by your work     
2    to produce (an imprint, etc.) by pressure in or on (something)  
to impress a seal in wax, to impress wax with a seal     
3    often foll by: on   to stress (something to a person); urge; emphasize  
to impress the danger of a situation on someone     
4    to exert pressure on; press  
5      (Electronics)   to apply (a voltage) to a circuit or device  
6    the act or an instance of impressing  
7    a mark, imprint, or effect produced by impressing  
     (C14: from Latin imprimere to press into, imprint, from premere to press1)  
  impresser      n  
   impressible             adj  
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