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1    conscious of one's failings  
2    unpretentious; lowly  
a humble cottage, my humble opinion     
3    deferential or servile  
      vb   tr  
4    to cause to become humble; humiliate  
5    to lower in status  
     (C13: from Old French, from Latin humilis low, from humus the ground)  
  humbled      adj  
  humbleness      n  
  humbler      n  
  humbling      adj  
  humblingly      adv  
  humbly      adv  

humble pie  
1    (formerly) a pie made from the heart, entrails, etc., of a deer  
2    eat humble pie   to behave or be forced to behave humbly; be humiliated  
     (C17: earlier an umble pie, by mistaken word division from a numble pie, from numbles offal of a deer, from Old French nombles, ultimately from Latin lumbulus a little loin, from lumbus loin)  
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1    meek, modest, self-effacing, submissive, unassuming, unostentatious, unpretentious  
2    common, commonplace, insignificant, low, low-born, lowly, mean, modest, obscure, ordinary, plebeian, poor, simple, undistinguished, unimportant, unpretentious  
3    courteous, deferential, obliging, obsequious, polite, respectful, servile, subservient  
4    abase, abash, break, bring down, chagrin, chasten, crush, debase, degrade, demean, disgrace, humiliate, lower, mortify, put down     (slang)   put (someone) in their place, reduce, shame, sink, subdue, take down a peg     (informal)  
5    humble oneself      abase oneself, eat crow     (U.S. informal)   eat humble pie, go on bended knee, grovel, swallow one's pride  
,       adj  
1 & 3    arrogant, assuming, conceited, haughty, immodest, lordly, ostentatious, overbearing, pompous, presumptuous, pretentious, proud, snobbish, superior, vain  
2    aristocratic, distinguished, elegant, famous, glorious, high, important, rich, significant, superior, wealthy  
      vb   elevate, exalt, magnify, raise  

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Collaborative Dictionary     English Definition
abbr. acron.
Short for "In my humble opinion".
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