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1    a domesticated perissodactyl mammal, Equus caballus, used for draught work and riding: family Equidae  
   Related adj       equine  
2    the adult male of this species; stallion  
3    wild horse  
a    a horse (Equus caballus) that has become feral  
b       another name for       Przewalski's horse  
a    any other member of the family Equidae, such as the zebra or ass  
b    (as modifier)  
the horse family     
5    functioning as pl   horsemen, esp. cavalry  
a regiment of horse     
6      (Also called)    buck     (Gymnastics)   a padded apparatus on legs, used for vaulting, etc.  
7    a narrow board supported by a pair of legs at each end, used as a frame for sawing or as a trestle, barrier, etc.  
8    a contrivance on which a person may ride and exercise  
9       a slang word for       heroin  
10      (Mining)   a mass of rock within a vein of ore  
11      (Nautical)   a rod, rope, or cable, fixed at the ends, along which something may slide by means of a thimble, shackle, or other fitting; traveller  
12      (Chess)      an informal name for       knight  
13    Informal      short for       horsepower  
14    modifier   drawn by a horse or horses  
a horse cart     
15    be (or get) on one's high horse  
Informal   to be disdainfully aloof  
16    flog a dead horse      See       flog       6  
17    hold one's horses   to hold back; restrain oneself  
18    a horse of another or a different colour   a completely different topic, argument, etc.  
19    horses for courses   a policy, course of action, etc. modified slightly to take account of specific circumstances without departing in essentials from the original  
20    the horse's mouth   the most reliable source  
21    to horse!   an order to mount horses  
22    tr   to provide with a horse or horses  
23    to put or be put on horseback  
24    tr   to move (something heavy) into position by sheer physical strength  
     (Old English hors; related to Old Frisian hors, Old High German hros, Old Norse hross)  
  horseless      adj  
  horselike      adj  

charley horse  
      n     (U.S. and Canadian)  
informal   muscle stiffness or cramp following strenuous athletic exercise  
     (C19: of uncertain origin)  
Corporal of Horse  
      n   a noncommissioned rank in the British Household Cavalry above that of sergeant and below that of staff sergeant  
Crazy Horse  
      n   Indian name Ta-Sunko-Witko. ?1849--77, Sioux Indian chief, remembered for his attempts to resist White settlement in Sioux territory  
cutting horse  
      n     (U.S. and Canadian)   a saddle horse trained for use in separating an individual animal, such as a cow, from a herd  
dark horse  
1    a competitor in a race or contest about whom little is known; an unknown  
2    a person who reveals little about himself or his activities, esp. one who has unexpected talents or abilities  
3      (U.S. politics)   a candidate who is unexpectedly nominated or elected  
devil's coach-horse  
      n   a large black rove beetle, Ocypus olens, with large jaws and ferocious habits  
horse around   , about  
      vb   intr, adv  
Informal   to indulge in horseplay  
horse bean  
      n      another name for       broad bean  
horse brass  
      n   a decorative brass ornament, usually circular, originally attached to a horse's harness  
horse chestnut  
1    any of several trees of the genus Aesculus, esp. the Eurasian A. hippocastanum, having palmate leaves, erect clusters of white, pink, or red flowers, and brown shiny inedible nuts enclosed in a spiky bur: family Hippocastanaceae  
2      (Also called)    conker   the nut of this tree  
     (C16: so called from its having been used in the treatment of respiratory disease in horses)  
horse gentian  
      n   any caprifoliaceous plant of the genus Triosteum, of Asia and North America, having small purplish-brown flowers,   (Also called)    feverwort  
Horse Guards  
      pl n  
1    the cavalry regiment that, together with the Life Guards, comprises the cavalry part of the British sovereign's Household Brigade  
2    their headquarters in Whitehall, London: also the headquarters of the British Army  
horse latitudes  
      pl n     (Nautical)   the latitudes near 30°N or 30°S at sea, characterized by baffling winds, calms, and high barometric pressure  
     (C18: referring either to the high mortality of horses on board ship in these latitudes or to dead horse (nautical slang: advance pay), which sailors expected to work off by this stage of a voyage)  
horse laugh  
      n   a coarse, mocking, or raucous laugh; guffaw  
horse mackerel  
1      (Also called)    scad   a mackerel-like carangid fish, Trachurus of European Atlantic waters, with a row of bony scales along the lateral line,   (Sometimes called (U.S.))    saurel  
2    any of various large tunnies or related fishes  
horse marine  
      n     (U.S)  
1    (formerly) a mounted marine or cavalryman serving in a ship  
2    someone out of his natural element, as if a member of an imaginary body of marine cavalry  
horse mushroom  
      n   a large edible agaricaceous field mushroom, Agaricus arvensis, with a white cap and greyish gills  
horse nettle  
      n   a weedy solanaceous North American plant, Solanum carolinense, with yellow prickles, white or blue flowers, and yellow berries  
horse opera  
Informal      another term for       Western       4  
horse pistol  
      n   a large holstered pistol formerly carried by horsemen  
horse sense  
      n      another term for       common sense  
horse trading  
      n   hard bargaining to obtain equal concessions by both sides in a dispute  
iron horse  
Archaic   a steam-driven railway locomotive  
liberty horse  
      n   (in a circus) a riderless horse that performs movements to verbal commands  
light horse  
      n   lightly armed and highly mobile cavalry  
  light-horseman      n  
Master of the Horse  
      n   (in England) the third official of the royal household  
1    drawn by or using one horse  
2    prenominal  
Informal   small or obscure  
a one-horse town     
pole horse  
      n   a horse harnessed alongside the shaft (pole) of a vehicle,   (Also called)    poler  
post horse  
      n   (formerly) a horse kept at an inn or post house for use by postriders or for hire to travellers  
Przewalski's horse  
      n   a wild horse, Equus przewalskii, of W Mongolia, having an erect mane and no forelock: extinct in the wild, only a few survive in captivity  
     (C19: named after the Russian explorer Nikolai Mikhailovich Przewalski (1839--88), who discovered it)  
quarter horse  
      n   a small powerful breed of horse, originally bred for sprinting in quarter-mile races in Virginia in the late 18th century  
river horse  
      n      an informal name for the       hippopotamus  
rocking horse  
      n   a toy horse mounted on a pair of rockers on which a child can rock to and fro in a seesaw movement  
saddle horse  
      n   a lightweight horse kept for riding only  
   Compare       carthorse     (Also called)    saddler  
sea horse  
1    any marine teleost fish of the temperate and tropical genus Hippocampus, having a bony-plated body, a prehensile tail, and a horselike head and swimming in an upright position: family Syngnathidae (pipefishes)  
2       an archaic name for the       walrus  
3    a fabled sea creature with the tail of a fish and the front parts of a horse  
shire horse  
      n   a large heavy breed of carthorse with long hair on the fetlocks,   (Often shortened to)    shire  
     (C19: so called because the breed was originally reared in the Shires. See shire1)  
1    a horse or an imitation one used by a hunter to hide behind while stalking his quarry  
2    something serving as a means of concealing plans; pretext  
3    a candidate put forward by one group to divide the opposition or mask the candidacy of another person for whom the stalking-horse would then withdraw  
Tennessee Walking Horse  
      n   an American breed of horse, marked by its stamina and trained to move at a fast running walk,   (Often shortened to)    Walking Horse  
Trojan Horse  
1      (Also called)    the Wooden Horse     (Greek myth)   the huge wooden hollow figure of a horse left outside Troy by the Greeks when they feigned retreat and dragged inside by the Trojans. The men concealed inside it opened the city to the final Greek assault  
2    a trap intended to undermine an enemy  
3      (Computing)   a bug inserted into a program or system designed to be activated after a certain time or a certain number of operations  
wheel horse  
1       another word for       wheeler       1  
2      (U.S. and Canadian)   a person who works steadily or hard  
white horse  
1    the outline of a horse carved into the side of a chalk hill, usually dating to the Neolithic, Bronze, or Iron Ages, such as that at Uffington, Berkshire  
2    usually pl   a wave with a white broken crest  
willing horse  
      n   a person prepared to work hard  
Wooden Horse  
      n      another name for the       Trojan Horse       1  
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hold your horses! exp.
it's said for determining someone to calm down, be patient, control his/her reactions

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