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1    Archibald Vivian. 1886--1977, British biochemist, noted for his research into heat loss in muscle contraction: shared the Nobel prize for physiology or medicine (1922)  
2    Damon Graham Devereux, son of Graham Hill. born 1960, British motor-racing driver; Formula One world champion (1996)  
3    David Octavius 1802--70, Scottish painter and portrait photographer, noted esp. for his collaboration with the chemist Robert Adamson (1821--48)  
4    Geoffrey (William). born 1932, British poet: his books include King Log (1968), Mercian Hymns (1971), The Mystery of the Charity of Charles Péguy (1983), and The Triumph of Love (1999)  
5    Graham. 1929--75, British motor-racing driver: world champion (1962, 1968)  
6    Octavia. 1838--1912, British housing reformer; a founder of the National Trust  
7    Sir Rowland. 1795--1879, British originator of the penny postage  
8    Susan (Elizabeth). born 1942, British novelist and writer of short stories: her books include I'm the King of the Castle (1970) and The Woman in Black (1983)  

ant hill  
1    a mound of soil, leaves, etc., near the entrance of an ants' nest, carried and deposited there by the ants while constructing the nest  
2    a mound of earth, usually about 2 metres high, built up by termites in forming a nest  
Breed's Hill  
      n   a hill in E Massachusetts, adjoining Bunker Hill: site of the Battle of Bunker Hill (1775)  
Broken Hill  
      n   a city in SE Australia, in W New South Wales: mining centre for lead, silver, and zinc. Pop.: 24500 (1988 est.)  
Bunker Hill  
      n   the first battle of the American Revolution, actually fought on Breed's Hill, next to Bunker Hill, near Boston, on June 17, 1775. Though defeated, the colonists proved that they could stand against British regular soldiers  
a    a conspicuous and often rounded natural elevation of the earth's surface, less high or craggy than a mountain  
b    (in combination)  
a hillside, a hilltop     
a    a heap or mound made by a person or animal  
b    (in combination)  
a dunghill     
3    an incline; slope  
4    over the hill  
a    Informal   beyond one's prime  
b      (Military, slang)   absent without leave or deserting  
5    up hill and down dale   strenuously and persistently  
      vb   tr  
6    to form into a hill or mound  
7    to cover or surround with a mound or heap of earth,   (See also)        hills  
     (Old English hyll; related to Old Frisian holla head, Latin collis hill, Low German hull hill)  
  hiller      n  
  hilly      adj  
hill climb  
      n   a competition in which motor vehicles attempt singly to ascend a steep slope as fast as possible  
hill country  
      n     (N.Z)   (in North Island) elevated pasture land for sheep or cattle  
hill mynah  
      n   a starling, Gracula religiosa, of S and SE Asia: a popular cage bird because of its ability to talk,   (Also called)    Indian grackle  
hill station  
      n   (in northern India) a settlement or resort at a high altitude  
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