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1    a row of shrubs or bushes forming a boundary to a field, garden, etc.  
2    a barrier or protection against something  
3    the act or a method of reducing the risk of financial loss on an investment, bet, etc.  
4    a cautious or evasive statement  
5    modifier; often in combination   low, inferior, or illiterate  
a hedge lawyer     
6    tr   to enclose or separate with or as if with a hedge  
7    intr   to make or maintain a hedge, as by cutting and laying  
8    tr; often foll by: in, about, or around   to hinder, obstruct, or restrict  
9    intr   to evade decision or action, esp. by making noncommittal statements  
10    tr   to guard against the risk of loss in (a bet, the paying out of a win, etc.), esp. by laying bets with other bookmakers  
11    intr   to protect against financial loss through future price fluctuations, as by investing in futures  
     (Old English hecg; related to Old High German heckia, Middle Dutch hegge; see haw1)  
  hedger      n  
  hedging      n  
  hedgy      adj  

hedge garlic  
      n      another name for       garlic mustard  
hedge hyssop  
      n   any of several North American scrophulariaceous plants of the genus Gratiola, esp. G. aurea, having small yellow or white flowers  
hedge laying  
      n   the art or practice of making or maintaining a hedge by cutting branches partway through, laying them horizontally, and pegging them in position in order to create a strong thick hedge  
      n     (Irish history)   a school held out of doors in favourable weather, indoors in winter  
  hedge-schoolmaster      n  
hedge sparrow  
      n   a small brownish European songbird, Prunella modularis: family Prunellidae (accentors),   (Also called)    dunnock  
      n      another name for       garlic mustard  
Texas hedge  
      n     (Finance)   the opposite of a normal hedging operation, in which risk is increased by buying more than one financial instrument of the same kind  
winter hedge  
      n     (West Yorkshire, south Lancashire, and Derbyshire)  
dialect   a clothes horse  
     (so called in contrast to a hedge on which clothes are dried in summer)  
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hedger, headed, hedgy, hedgehop

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