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      adj   , heavier, heaviest  
1    of comparatively great weight  
a heavy stone     
2    having a relatively high density  
lead is a heavy metal     
3    great in yield, quality, or quantity  
heavy rain, heavy traffic     
4    great or considerable  
heavy emphasis     
5    hard to bear, accomplish, or fulfil  
heavy demands     
6    sad or dejected in spirit or mood  
heavy at heart     
7    coarse or broad  
a heavy line, heavy features     
8    (of soil) having a high clay content; cloggy  
9    solid or fat  
heavy legs     
10    (of an industry) engaged in the large-scale complex manufacture of capital goods or extraction of raw materials  
   Compare       light   2       19  
11    serious; grave  
12      (Military)  
a    armed or equipped with large weapons, armour, etc.  
b    (of guns, etc.) of a large and powerful type  
13    (of a syllable) having stress or accentuation  
   Compare       light   2       24  
14    dull and uninteresting  
a heavy style     
15    prodigious  
a heavy drinker     
16    (of cakes, bread, etc.) insufficiently leavened  
17    deep and loud  
a heavy thud     
18      (of music, literature, etc.)  
a    dramatic and powerful; grandiose  
b    not immediately comprehensible or appealing  
19    Slang  
a    unpleasant or tedious  
b    wonderful  
c    (of rock music) having a powerful beat; hard  
20    weighted; burdened  
heavy with child     
21    clumsy and slow  
heavy going     
22    permeating  
a heavy smell     
23    cloudy or overcast, esp. threatening rain  
heavy skies     
24    not easily digestible  
a heavy meal     
25    (of an element or compound) being or containing an isotope with greater atomic weight than that of the naturally occurring element  
heavy hydrogen, heavy water     
26      (Horse racing)   (of the going on a racecourse) soft and muddy  
27    Slang   using, or prepared to use, violence or brutality  
the heavy mob     
28    heavy on  
Informal   using large quantities of  
this car is heavy on petrol     
      n   pl   , heavies  
a    a villainous role  
b    an actor who plays such a part  
30      (Military)  
a    a large fleet unit, esp. an aircraft carrier or battleship  
b    a large calibre or weighty piece of artillery  
31    Informal   usually pl, often preceded by: the   a serious newspaper  
the Sunday heavies     
32    Informal   a heavyweight boxer, wrestler, etc.  
33    Slang   a man hired to threaten violence or deter others by his presence  
34      (Scot)   strong bitter beer  
a    in a heavy manner; heavily  
time hangs heavy     
b    (in combination)  
     (Old English hefig; related to hebban to heave, Old High German hebig)  
   heavily             adv  
  heaviness      n  
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1    awkwardly, clumsily, ponderously, weightily  
2    laboriously, painfully, with difficulty  
3    completely, decisively, roundly, thoroughly, utterly  
4    dejectedly, dully, gloomily, sluggishly, woodenly  
5    closely, compactly, densely, fast, hard, thick, thickly  
6    deep, deeply, profoundly, sound, soundly  
7    a great deal, considerably, copiously, excessively, frequently, to excess, very much  

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Collaborative Dictionary     English Definition
rain very heavily
Idiomatic expression. "The weather was really bad yesterday. It was raining cats and dogs all day."
walk heavily, trudge
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