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      adj   , heartier, heartiest  
1    warm and unreserved in manner or behaviour  
2    vigorous and enthusiastic  
a hearty slap on the back     
3    sincere and heartfelt  
hearty dislike     
4    healthy and strong (esp. in the phrase hale and hearty)  
5    substantial and nourishing  
6    a comrade, esp. a sailor  
7    a vigorous sporting man  
a rugby hearty     
  heartiness      n  
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1    affable, ardent, back-slapping, cordial, eager, ebullient, effusive, enthusiastic, friendly, generous, genial, jovial, unreserved, warm  
2    earnest, genuine, heartfelt, honest, real, sincere, true, unfeigned, wholehearted  
3    active, alive and kicking, energetic, hale, hardy, healthy, right as rain     (Brit. informal)   robust, sound, strong, vigorous, well  
4    ample, filling, nourishing, sizable or sizeable, solid, square, substantial  
1    cold, cool  
2    half-hearted, insincere, mild  
3    delicate, feeble, frail, sickly, unhealthy, weak  

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