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1    the faculty or sense by which sound is perceived  
   Related adj       audio  
2    an opportunity to be listened to  
3    the range within which sound can be heard; earshot  
4    the investigation of a matter by a court of law, esp. the preliminary inquiry into an indictable crime by magistrates  
5    a formal or official trial of an action or lawsuit  

hard of hearing  
a    deaf or partly deaf  
b    (as collective n; preceded by the)  
the hard of hearing     
hearing aid  
      n   a device for assisting the hearing of partially deaf people, typically consisting of a small battery-powered electronic amplifier with microphone and earphone, worn by a deaf person in or behind the ear,   (Also called)    deaf aid  
hearing dog  
      n   a dog that has been specially trained to help deaf or partially deaf people by alerting them to sounds such as a ringing doorbell, an alarm, etc.  
hearing loss  
      n   an increase in the threshold of audibility caused by age, infirmity, or prolonged exposure to intense noise  
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1    audition, auditory, ear, perception  
2    audience, audition, chance to speak, interview  
3    auditory range, earshot, hearing distance, range, reach, sound  
4    industrial tribunal, inquiry, investigation, review, trial  

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