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1    a port, harbour, or other sheltered place for shipping  
2    a place of safety or sanctuary; shelter  
3    tr   to secure or shelter in or as if in a haven  
     (Old English hæfen, from Old Norse höfn; related to Middle Dutch havene, Old Irish cuan to bend)  
  havenless      adj  

      vb contraction of   have not  
Milford Haven  
      n   a port in SW Wales, in Pembrokeshire on Milford Haven (a large inlet of St George's Channel): major oil port. Pop.: 13194 (1991)  
New Haven  
      n   an industrial city and port in S Connecticut, on Long Island Sound: settled in 1638 by English Puritans, who established it as a colony in 1643; seat of Yale University (1701). Pop.: 124665 (1996 est.)  
tax haven  
      n   a country or state having a lower rate of taxation than elsewhere  
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1    anchorage, harbour, port, roads     (Nautical)  
2      (figurative)   asylum, refuge, retreat, sanctuary, sanctum, shelter  

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