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1    the gathering of a ripened crop  
2    the crop itself or the yield from it in a single growing season  
3    the season for gathering crops  
4    the product of an effort, action, etc.  
a harvest of love     
5    to gather or reap (a ripened crop) from (the place where it has been growing)  
6    tr   to receive or reap (benefits, consequences, etc.)  
7    tr     (Chiefly U.S.)   to remove (an organ) from the body for transplantation  
     (Old English hærfest; related to Old Norse harfr harrow, Old High German herbist autumn, Latin carpere to pluck, Greek karpos fruit, Sanskrit krpana shears)  
  harvesting      n  
  harvestless      adj  

harvest home  
1    the bringing in of the harvest  
2      (Chiefly Brit)   a harvest supper  
harvest mite   , tick  
      n   the bright red parasitic larva of any of various free-living mites of the genus Trombicula and related genera, which causes intense itching of human skin  
harvest moon  
      n   the full moon occurring nearest to the autumnal equinox  
harvest mouse  
1    a very small reddish-brown Eurasian mouse, Micromys minutus, inhabiting cornfields, hedgerows, etc., and feeding on grain and seeds: family Muridae  
2    American harvest mouse. any small greyish mouse of the American genus Reithrodontomys: family Cricetidae  
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1    harvesting, harvest-time, ingathering, reaping  
2    crop, produce, yield  
3      (figurative)   consequence, effect, fruition, product, result, return  
4    gather, mow, pick, pluck, reap  
5    accumulate, acquire, amass, collect, garner  

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