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      vb   , grubs, grubbing, grubbed  
1    when tr, often foll by: up or out   to search for and pull up (roots, stumps, etc.) by digging in the ground  
2    to dig up the surface of (ground, soil, etc.), esp. to clear away roots, stumps, etc.  
3    intr; often foll by: in or among   to search carefully  
4    intr   to work unceasingly, esp. at a dull task or research  
5    Slang   to provide (a person) with food or (of a person) to take food  
6    tr  
Slang     (chiefly U.S.)   to scrounge  
to grub a cigarette     
7    the short legless larva of certain insects, esp. beetles  
8    Slang   food; victuals  
9    a person who works hard, esp. in a dull plodding way  
10      (Brit)  
informal   a dirty child  
     (C13: of Germanic origin; compare Old High German grubilon to dig, German grübeln to rack one's brain, Middle Dutch grobben to scrape together; see grave3, groove)  

grub hoe   , grubbing hoe  
      n   a heavy hoe for grubbing up roots,   (Also called)    grubber  
grub screw  
      n   a small headless screw having a slot cut for a screwdriver or a socket for a hexagon key and used to secure a sliding component in a determined position  
Grub Street  
1    a former street in London frequented by literary hacks and needy authors  
2    the world or class of literary hacks, etc.  
      adj     (also)   
3    sometimes not cap   relating to or characteristic of hack literature  
pub grub  
Informal   food served in a pub  
witchetty grub  
      n   the wood-boring edible caterpillar of an Australian moth, Xyleutes leucomochla: family Cossidae  
     (C19 witchetty, from a native Australian language)  
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1    burrow, dig up, probe, pull up, root     (informal)   rootle     (Brit.)   search for, uproot  
2    ferret, forage, hunt, rummage, scour, search, uncover, unearth  
3    drudge, grind     (informal)   labour, plod, slave, slog, sweat, toil  
4    caterpillar, larva, maggot  
5      (slang)   eats     (slang)   feed, food, nosebag     (slang)   nosh     (slang)   rations, sustenance, tack     (informal)   victuals, vittles     (obsolete or dialect)  

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