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1    a deep ravine, esp. one through which a river runs  
2    the contents of the stomach  
3    feelings of disgust or resentment (esp. in the phrase one's gorge rises)  
4    an obstructing mass  
an ice gorge     
5      (Fortifications)  
a    a narrow rear entrance to a work  
b    the narrow part of a bastion or outwork  
6    Archaic   the throat or gullet  
      vb     (also)   
7    intr     (Falconry)   (of hawks) to eat until the crop is completely full  
8    to swallow (food) ravenously  
9    tr   to stuff (oneself) with food  
     (C14: from Old French gorger to stuff, from gorge throat, from Late Latin gurga, modification of Latin gurges whirlpool)  
  gorgeable      adj  
  gorger      n  

Olduvai Gorge  
      n   a gorge in N Tanzania, north of the Ngorongoro Crater: fossil evidence of early man and other closely related species, together with artefacts  
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      n   canyon, chasm, cleft, clough     (dialect)   defile, fissure, pass, ravine  

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gorge          [2]  
      vb   bolt, cram, devour, feed, fill, glut, gobble, gormandize, gulp, guzzle, overeat, pig out     (U.S. & Canad. slang)   raven, sate, satiate, stuff, surfeit, swallow, wolf  

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