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1    intr   to look hastily or briefly  
2    intr; foll by: over, through, etc.   to look over briefly  
to glance through a report     
3    intr   to reflect, glint, or gleam  
the sun glanced on the water     
4    intr; usually foll by: off   to depart (from an object struck) at an oblique angle  
the arrow glanced off the tree     
5    tr   to strike at an oblique angle  
the arrow glanced the tree     
6    a hasty or brief look; peep  
7    at a glance   from one's first look; immediately  
8    a flash or glint of light; gleam  
9    the act or an instance of an object glancing or glancing off another  
10    a brief allusion or reference  
11      (Cricket)   a stroke in which the ball is deflected off the bat to the leg side; glide  
     (C15: modification of glacen to strike obliquely, from Old French glacier to slide (see glacis); compare Middle English glenten to make a rapid sideways movement, glint)  
  glancingly      adv  
Glance is sometimes wrongly used where glimpse is meant: he caught a glimpse (not glance) of her making her way through the crowd  
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glance          [2]  
      n   any mineral having a metallic lustre, esp. a simple sulphide  
copper glance     
     (C19: from German Glanz brightness, lustre)  

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1    check, check out     (informal)   clock     (Brit. informal)   gaze, glimpse, look, peek, peep, scan, take a dekko at     (Brit. slang)   view  
2    flash, gleam, glimmer, glint, glisten, glitter, reflect, shimmer, shine, twinkle  
3    bounce, brush, graze, rebound, ricochet, skim  
4      (with)       over, through, etc.   browse, dip into, flip through, leaf through, riffle through, run over or through, scan, skim through, thumb through  
5    brief look, butcher's     (Brit. slang)   dekko     (slang)   gander     (informal)   glimpse, look, peek, peep, quick look, shufti     (Brit. slang)   squint, view  
6    flash, gleam, glimmer, glint, reflection, sparkle, twinkle  
7    allusion, passing mention, reference  
1    peruse, scrutinize, study  
5    examination, good look, inspection, perusal  

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