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1    intr   to play games of chance to win money  
2    to risk or bet (money) on the outcome of an event, sport, etc.  
3    intr; often foll by: on   to act with the expectation of  
to gamble on its being a sunny day     
4    often foll by: away   to lose by or as if by betting; squander  
5    a risky act or venture  
6    a bet, wager, or other risk or chance taken for possible monetary gain  
     (C18: probably variant of game1)  
  gambler      n  
  gambling      n  
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1    back, bet, game, have a flutter     (informal)   lay or make a bet, play, punt, put one's shirt on, stake, try one's luck, wager  
2    back, chance, hazard, put one's faith or trust in, risk, skate on thin ice, speculate, stake, stick one's neck out     (informal)   take a chance, take the plunge, venture  
3    chance, leap in the dark, lottery, risk, speculation, uncertainty, venture  
4    bet, flutter     (informal)   punt, wager  
3    certainty, foregone conclusion, safe bet, sure thing  

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