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1    a reserve of money, etc., set aside for a certain purpose  
2    a supply or store of something; stock  
it exhausted his fund of wisdom     
      vb   tr  
3    to furnish money to in the form of a fund  
4    to place or store up in a fund  
5    to convert (short-term floating debt) into long-term debt bearing fixed interest and represented by bonds  
6    to provide a fund for the redemption of principal or payment of interest of  
7    to accumulate a fund for the discharge of (a recurrent liability)  
to fund a pension plan     
8    to invest (money) in government securities  
   See also       funds  
     (C17: from Latin fundus the bottom, piece of land, estate; compare fond2)  
  funder      n  

asset-backed fund  
      n   a fund in which the money is invested in property, shares, etc., rather than being deposited with a bank or building society  
Consolidated Fund  
      n     (Brit)   a fund into which tax revenue is paid in order to meet standing charges, esp. interest payments on the national debt  
evergreen fund  
      n   a fund that provides capital for new companies and makes regular injections of capital to support their development  
fund manager  
      n   an employee of an insurance company, pension fund, investment trust, etc., who manages its fund of investments  
International Monetary Fund  
      n   an international financial institution organized in 1945 to promote international trade by increasing the exchange stability of the major currencies. A fund is maintained out of which member nations with temporary balance-of-payments deficits may make withdrawals,   (Abbrev.)    IMF  
mutual fund  
      n      the U.S. and Canadian name for       unit trust  
      vb   tr     (Finance)  
1    to discharge (an old or matured debt) by new borrowing, as by a new bond issue  
2    to replace (an existing bond issue) with a new one  
     (C20: from re- + fund)  
revolving fund  
      n   a fund set up for a specific purpose and constantly added to by income from its investments  
road-fund licence  
      n     (Brit)   a licence showing that the tax payable in respect of a motor vehicle has been paid  
     (C20: from the former road fund for the maintenance of public highways)  
sinking fund  
      n   a fund accumulated out of a business enterprise's earnings or a government's revenue and invested to repay a long-term debt or meet a depreciation charge  
slush fund  
1    a fund for financing political or commercial corruption  
2      (U.S., nautical)   a fund accumulated from the sale of slush from the galley  
social fund  
      n   (in Britain) a social security fund from which loans or payments may be made to people in cases of extreme need  
sustentation fund  
      n   a fund, esp. in the Church of Scotland, to augment the support of ministers  
tracker fund  
      n     (Finance)   an investment fund that is administered so that its value changes in line with the average value of shares in a market  
trust fund  
      n   money, securities, etc., held in trust  
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1    capital, endowment, fall-back, foundation, kitty, pool, reserve, stock, store, supply, tontine  
2    hoard, mine, repository, reserve, reservoir, source, storehouse, treasury, vein  
3    capitalize, endow, finance, float, pay for, promote, stake, subsidize, support  

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