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,   (U.S.)   fulfill  
      vb   , -fils  
     (U.S.)   , -fills, -filling, -filled   tr  
1    to bring about the completion or achievement of (a desire, promise, etc.)  
2    to carry out or execute (a request, etc.)  
3    to conform with or satisfy (regulations, demands, etc.)  
4    to finish or reach the end of  
he fulfilled his prison sentence     
5    fulfil oneself   to achieve one's potential or desires  
     (Old English fulfyllan)  
  fulfiller      n  
   fulfilment            (U.S.)  
  fulfillment      n  

wish fulfilment  
      n   (in Freudian psychology) any successful attempt to fulfil a wish stemming from the unconscious mind, whether in fact, in fantasy, or by such disguised means as sublimation  
   See also       pleasure principle  
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accomplishment, achievement, attainment, carrying out or through, completion, consummation, crowning, discharge, discharging, effecting, end, implementation, observance, perfection, realization  

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