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,   (U.S.)   fulfill  
      vb   , -fils  
     (U.S.)   , -fills, -filling, -filled   tr  
1    to bring about the completion or achievement of (a desire, promise, etc.)  
2    to carry out or execute (a request, etc.)  
3    to conform with or satisfy (regulations, demands, etc.)  
4    to finish or reach the end of  
he fulfilled his prison sentence     
5    fulfil oneself   to achieve one's potential or desires  
     (Old English fulfyllan)  
  fulfiller      n  
  fulfilment     (U.S.)  
  fulfillment      n  
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accomplish, achieve, answer, bring to completion, carry out, complete, comply with, conclude, conform to, discharge, effect, execute, fill, finish, keep, meet, obey, observe, perfect, perform, realise, satisfy  
   disappoint, dissatisfy, fail in, fail to meet, fall short of, neglect  

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