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1    that on which something is founded; basis  
2    often pl   a construction below the ground that distributes the load of a building, wall, etc.  
3    the base on which something stands  
4    the act of founding or establishing or the state of being founded or established  
a    an endowment or legacy for the perpetual support of an institution such as a school or hospital  
b    on the foundation   entitled to benefit from the funds of a foundation  
6    an institution supported by an endowment, often one that provides funds for charities, research, etc.  
7    the charter incorporating or establishing a society or institution and the statutes or rules governing its affairs  
8    a cosmetic in cream or cake form used as a base for make-up  
9       See       foundation garment  
10      (Cards)   a card on which a sequence may be built  
  foundational      adj  
  foundationally      adv  
  foundationary      adj  

foundation garment  
      n   a woman's undergarment worn to shape and support the figure; brassiere or corset  
foundation stone  
      n   a stone laid at a ceremony to mark the foundation of a new building  
foundation subjects  
      pl n     (Brit, Education)   the subjects studied as part of the National Curriculum, including the compulsory core subjects  
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1    base, basis, bedrock, bottom, footing, groundwork, substructure, underpinning  
2    endowment, establishment, inauguration, institution, organization, setting up, settlement  

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