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1    a person who lacks sense or judgement  
2    a person who is made to appear ridiculous  
3    (formerly) a professional jester living in a royal or noble household  
4    Obsolete   an idiot or imbecile  
the village fool     
5    form the fool     (Caribbean)   to play the fool or behave irritatingly  
6    no fool   a wise or sensible person  
7    play or act the fool   to deliberately act foolishly; indulge in buffoonery  
8    tr   to deceive (someone), esp. in order to make him look ridiculous  
9    intr; foll by: with, around with, or about with  
Informal   to act or play (with) irresponsibly or aimlessly  
to fool around with a woman     
10    intr   to speak or act in a playful, teasing, or jesting manner  
11    tr; foll by: away   to squander; fritter  
he fooled away a fortune     
12    fool along     (U.S.)   to move or proceed in a leisurely way  
13    Informal      short for       foolish  
     (C13: from Old French fol mad person, from Late Latin follis empty-headed fellow, from Latin: bellows; related to Latin flare to blow)  
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fool          [2]  
      n     (Chiefly Brit)   a dessert made from a purée of fruit with cream or custard  
gooseberry fool     
     (C16: perhaps from fool1)  

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1    ass, berk     (Brit. slang)   bird-brain     (informal)   blockhead, bonehead     (slang)   charlie     (Brit. informal)   chump     (informal)   clodpate     (archaic)   clot     (Brit. informal)   coot, dickhead     (slang)   dickwit     (slang)   dimwit     (informal)   dipstick     (Brit. slang)   divvy     (Brit. slang)   dolt, dope     (informal)   dork     (slang)   dunce, dunderhead, dweeb     (U.S. slang)   fathead     (informal)   fuckwit     (taboo slang)   geek     (slang)   gobshite     (Irish taboo slang)   gonzo     (slang)   goose     (informal)   halfwit, idiot, ignoramus, illiterate, imbecile     (informal)   jackass, jerk     (slang, chiefly U.S. & Canad.)   lamebrain     (informal)   loon, mooncalf, moron, nerd or nurd     (slang)   nincompoop, ninny, nit     (informal)   nitwit     (informal)   numbskull or numskull, numpty     (Scot. informal)   oaf, pillock     (Brit. slang)   plank     (Brit. slang)   plonker     (slang)   prat     (slang)   prick     (derogatory slang)   sap     (slang)   schmuck     (U.S. slang)   silly, simpleton, twerp or twirp     (informal)   twit     (informal, chiefly Brit.)   wally     (slang)   weenie     (U.S. informal)  
2    butt, chump     (informal)   dupe, easy mark     (informal)   fall guy     (informal)   greenhorn     (informal)   gull     (archaic)   laughing stock, mug     (Brit. slang)   stooge     (slang)   sucker     (slang)  
3    buffoon, clown, comic, harlequin, jester, joculator or (fem.) joculatrix, merry-andrew, motley, pierrot, punchinello  
4    act or play the fool      act the goat, act up, be silly, cavort, clown, cut capers, frolic, lark about     (informal)   mess about, piss about     (taboo slang)   piss around     (taboo slang)   play (silly) games, play the goat, show off     (informal)  
5    bamboozle, beguile, bluff, cheat, con     (informal)   deceive, delude, dupe, gull     (archaic)   have (someone) on, hoax, hoodwink, kid     (informal)   make a fool of, mislead, play a trick on, pull a fast one on     (informal)   put one over on     (informal)   stiff     (slang)   take for a ride     (informal)   take in, trick  
6    act the fool, cut capers, feign, jest, joke, kid     (informal)   make believe, piss about     (taboo slang)   piss around     (taboo slang)   pretend, tease  
7      (with)       with, around with, or about with   fiddle     (informal)   meddle, mess, monkey, piss about     (taboo slang)   piss around     (taboo slang)   play, tamper, toy, trifle  
1 & 2    expert, genius, master, sage, savant, scholar, wise man  

fool around      , about  
act the fool, dawdle, footle     (informal)   hang around, idle, kill time, lark, mess about, play about, play the fool, waste time  

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go away idiot, fool ; leave me alone idiot, fool ; fuck you idiot, fool ; fuck off idiot, fool.
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