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      vb   mainly intr  
1    (of liquids) to move or be conveyed as in a stream  
2    (of blood) to circulate around the body  
3    to move or progress freely as if in a stream  
the crowd flowed into the building     
4    to proceed or be produced continuously and effortlessly  
ideas flowed from her pen     
5    to show or be marked by smooth or easy movement  
6    to hang freely or loosely  
her hair flowed down her back     
7    to be present in abundance  
wine flows at their parties     
8       an informal word for       menstruate  
9    (of tide water) to advance or rise  
   Compare       ebb       1  
10    tr   to cover or swamp with liquid; flood  
11    (of rocks such as slate) to yield to pressure without breaking so that the structure and arrangement of the constituent minerals are altered  
12    the act, rate, or manner of flowing  
a fast flow     
13    a continuous stream or discharge  
14    continuous progression  
15    the advancing of the tide  
16    a stream of molten or solidified lava  
17    the amount of liquid that flows in a given time  
18       an informal word for       menstruation  
19      (Scot)  
a    a marsh or swamp  
b    an inlet or basin of the sea  
c    (cap. when part of a name)  
Scapa Flow     
20    flow of spirits. natural happiness  
     (Old English flowan; related to Old Norse floa, Middle Low German vloien, Greek plein to float, Sanskrit plavate he swims)  

axial-flow compressor  
      n   a device for compressing a gas by accelerating it tangentially by means of bladed rotors, to increase its kinetic energy, and then diffusing it through static vanes (stators), to increase its pressure  
cash flow  
1    the movement of money into and out of a business  
2    a prediction of such movement over a given period  
discounted cash flow  
      n     (Accounting)   a technique for appraising an investment that takes into account the different values of future returns according to when they will be received,   (Abbrev.)    DCF  
flow chart   , sheet  
      n   a diagrammatic representation of the sequence of operations or equipment in an industrial process, computer program, etc.  
Flow Country  
      n   an area of moorland and peat bogs in northern Scotland known for its wildlife, now partly afforested  
      n     (Austral. and N.Z)   a wage or salary increase granted to one group of workers as a consequence of a similar increase granted to another group  
flow sheet  
      n      another name for       flow chart  
gene flow  
      n   the movement and exchange of genes between interbreeding populations  
laminar flow  
      n   nonturbulent motion of a fluid in which parallel layers have different velocities relative to each other  
   Compare       turbulent flow  
See also  
    streamline flow  
mixed-flow turbine  
      n   a water turbine in which water flows radially and axially through the rotating vanes  
Scapa Flow  
      n   an extensive landlocked anchorage off the N coast of Scotland, in the Orkney Islands: major British naval base in both World Wars. Length: about 24 km (15 miles). Width: 13 km (8 miles)  
slip flow  
      n     (Physics)   gas flow occurring at hypersonic speeds in which molecular shearing occurs  
streamline flow  
      n   flow of a fluid in which its velocity at any point is constant or varies in a regular manner,   (Also called)    viscous flow      Compare       turbulent flow  
See also  
    laminar flow  
turbulent flow  
      n   flow of a fluid in which its velocity at any point varies rapidly in an irregular manner  
   Compare       laminar flow  
See also  
    streamline flow  
viscous flow  
      n      another name for       streamline flow  
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1    circulate, course, glide, gush, move, pour, purl, ripple, roll, run, rush, slide, surge, sweep, swirl, whirl  
2    cascade, deluge, flood, inundate, issue, overflow, pour, run, run out, spew, spill, spurt, squirt, stream, teem, well forth  
3    arise, emanate, emerge, issue, pour, proceed, result, spring  
4    course, current, drift, flood, flux, gush, issue, outflow, outpouring, spate, stream, tide, tideway, undertow  
5    abundance, deluge, effusion, emanation, outflow, outpouring, plenty, plethora, succession, train  

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