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flag lieutenant


      n   an admiral's ADC  
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flag          [1]  
1    a piece of cloth, esp. bunting, often attached to a pole or staff, decorated with a design and used as an emblem, symbol, or standard or as a means of signalling  
2    a small paper flag, emblem, or sticker sold on flag days  
3    an indicator, that may be set or unset, used to indicate a condition or to stimulate a particular reaction in the execution of a computer program  
4    Informal      short for   flag officer and flagship  
5      (Journalism)      another name for       masthead       2  
6    the fringe of long hair, tapering towards the tip, on the underside of the tail of certain breeds of dog, such as setters  
7    the conspicuously marked tail of a deer  
8       a less common name for       bookmark  
9      (Austral. and N.Z.)   the part of a taximeter that is raised when a taxi is for hire  
10    the. (in Victoria, Australia) the Australian Rules premiership  
11    fly the flag   to represent or show support for one's country, an organization, etc.  
12    show the flag  
a    to assert a claim, as to a territory or stretch of water, by military presence  
b    Informal   to be present; make an appearance  
13    strike (or lower) the flag  
a    to relinquish command, esp. of a ship  
b    to submit or surrender  
      vb   , flags, flagging, flagged   tr  
14    to decorate or mark with a flag or flags  
15    often foll by: down   to warn or signal (a vehicle) to stop  
16    to send or communicate (messages, information, etc.) by flag  
17    to decoy (game or wild animals) by waving a flag or similar object so as to attract their attention  
18    to mark (a page in a book, card, etc.) for attention by attaching a small tab or flag  
19    foll by: away or by     (N.Z.)   to consider unimportant; brush aside,   (See also)        flags  
     (C16: of uncertain origin)  
  flagger      n  
  flagless      adj  

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      vb   abate, decline, die, droop, ebb, fade, fail, faint, fall, fall off, feel the pace, languish, peter out, pine, sag, sink, slump, succumb, taper off, wane, weaken, weary, wilt  

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