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      vb   mainly tr  
1    also intr   to make or become firm, stable, or secure  
2    to attach or place permanently  
fix the mirror to the wall     
3    often foll by: up   to settle definitely; decide  
let us fix a date     
4    to hold or direct (eyes, attention, etc.) steadily  
he fixed his gaze on the woman     
5    to call to attention or rivet  
6    to make rigid  
to fix one's jaw     
7    to place or ascribe  
to fix the blame on someone     
8    to mend or repair  
9    Informal   to provide with  
how are you fixed for supplies?     
10    Informal   to influence (a person, outcome of a contest, etc.) unfairly, as by bribery  
11    Slang   to take revenge on; get even with, esp. by killing  
12    Informal   to give (someone) his just deserts  
that'll fix him     
13    Informal   to arrange or put in order  
to fix one's hair     
14    Informal   to prepare  
to fix a meal     
15    Dialect or informal   to spay or castrate (an animal)  
16      (U.S.)  
dialect or informal   to prepare oneself  
I'm fixing to go out     
17      (Photog)   to treat (a film, plate, or paper) with fixer to make permanent the image rendered visible by developer  
18      (Cytology)   to kill, preserve, and harden (tissue, cells, etc.) for subsequent microscopic study  
19    to convert (atmospheric nitrogen) into nitrogen compounds, as in the manufacture of fertilizers or the action of bacteria in the soil  
20    to reduce (a substance) to a solid or condensed state or a less volatile state  
21    intr  
Slang   to inject a drug  
22    Informal   a predicament; dilemma  
23    the ascertaining of the navigational position, as of a ship, by radar, observation, etc.  
24    Slang   an intravenous injection of a drug, esp. heroin  
25    Informal   an act or instance of bribery,   (See also)        fix up  
     (C15: from Medieval Latin fixare, from Latin fixus fixed, from Latin figere)  
  fixable      adj  

fix up  
      vb   tr, adv  
1    to arrange  
let's fix up a date     
2    often foll by: with   to provide  
I'm sure we can fix you up with a room     
3    Informal   to repair or rearrange  
to fix up one's house     
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1    anchor, embed, establish, implant, install, locate, place, plant, position, root, set, settle  
2    attach, bind, cement, connect, couple, fasten, glue, link, make fast, pin, secure, stick, tie  
3    agree on, appoint, arrange, arrive at, conclude, decide, define, determine, establish, limit, name, resolve, set, settle, specify  
4    adjust, correct, mend, patch up, put to rights, regulate, repair, see to, sort  
5    congeal, consolidate, harden, rigidify, set, solidify, stiffen, thicken  
6    direct, focus, level at, rivet  
7      (informal)   bribe, fiddle     (informal)   influence, manipulate, manoeuvre, pull strings     (informal)   rig  
8      (slang)   cook (someone's) goose     (informal)   get even with     (informal)   get revenge on, pay back, settle (someone's) hash     (informal)   sort (someone) out     (informal)   take retribution on, wreak vengeance on  
9      (informal)   difficult situation, difficulty, dilemma, embarrassment, hole     (slang)   hot water     (informal)   jam     (informal)   mess, pickle     (informal)   plight, predicament, quandary, spot     (informal)   ticklish situation, tight spot  

fix up  
1    agree on, arrange, fix, organize, plan, settle, sort out  
2      (often with)       with   accommodate, arrange for, bring about, furnish, lay on, provide  

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fix someone up exp.
find a a partner for someone and act as an intermediary for the two persons to meet

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