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1    any long narrow cleft or crack, esp. in a rock  
2    a weakness or flaw indicating impending disruption or discord  
fissures in a decaying empire     
3      (Anatomy)   a narrow split or groove that divides an organ such as the brain, lung, or liver into lobes  
   See also       sulcus  
4    a small unnatural crack in the skin or mucous membrane, as between the toes or at the anus  
5    a minute crack in the surface of a tooth, caused by imperfect joining of enamel during development  
6    to crack or split apart  
     (C14: from medical Latin fissura, from Latin fissus split)  

fissure eruption  
      n   the emergence of lava from a fissure in the ground rather than from a volcanic cone or vent  
fissure of Rolando  
      n      another name for       central sulcus  
     (C19: named after L. Rolando (died 1831), Italian anatomist)  
fissure of Sylvius  
      n   a deep horizontal cleft in each cerebral hemisphere: marks the separation of the temporal lobe from the frontal and parietal lobes  
     (named after Franciscus Sylvius (died 1652), German anatomist)  
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breach, break, chink, cleavage, cleft, crack, cranny, crevice, fault, fracture, gap, hole, interstice, opening, rent, rift, rupture, slit, split  

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