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1    not soft or yielding to a touch or pressure; rigid; solid  
2    securely in position; stable or stationary  
3    definitely established; decided; settled  
4    enduring or steady; constant  
5    having determination or strength; resolute  
6    (of prices, markets, etc.) tending to rise  
7    in a secure, stable, or unyielding manner  
he stood firm over his obligation to pay     
8    sometimes foll by: up   to make or become firm  
9    intr     (Austral. horse racing)   (of a horse) to shorten in odds  
     (C14: from Latin firmus)  
  firmly      adv  
   firmness             n  
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1    compactness, density, fixedness, hardness, inelasticity, inflexibility, resistance, rigidity, solidity, stiffness  
2    immovability, soundness, stability, steadiness, strength, tautness, tensile strength, tension, tightness  
3    constancy, fixedness, fixity of purpose, inflexibility, obduracy, resolution, resolve, staunchness, steadfastness, strength of will, strictness  

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