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"find your silence" n.
be silent, stop talking etc

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Collaborative Dictionary     English Definition
use your common sense or resourcefulness
your best clothes that you wear on special occasions
= get your knickers in a twist/knot
US English, colloquial
sauve ton coeur
No idea what this means MJB
it's said for determining someone to calm down, be patient, control his/her reactions
absolutely not; not in this lifetime
Slang expression used mostly in 19th century
calm down!
expression used for catching the attention of an audience
expression used when referring to something that is unlikely to happen soon (not in the time interval that one can resist holding his breath)
E.g.: "Will the economy recover any soon?" - "Don't hold your breath."
expression used to encourage someone to share with you what's on his mind
endearment phrase used for someone we find sweet
[Fam.] syn.: sweetie, pumpkin, cutie, cutesy pie
who cannot find a partner, a date
used to tell someone that you do not know any more about a subject than they do
Ex: Jill: 'How long should we bake this pie?' Jane: 'Your guess is as good as mine'.
to become very upset about something, usually something that is not important
Other expression: to get your knickers in a knot
attractive woman that you marry to show your success
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      vb   , finds, finding, found   mainly tr  
1    to meet with or discover by chance  
2    to discover or obtain, esp. by search or effort  
to find happiness     
3    may take a clause as object   to become aware of; realize  
he found that nobody knew     
4    may take a clause as object   to regard as being; consider  
I find this wine a little sour     
5    to look for and point out (something to be criticized)  
to find fault     
6    also intr     (Law)   to determine an issue after judicial inquiry and pronounce a verdict (upon)  
the court found the accused guilty     
7    to regain (something lost or not functioning)  
to find one's tongue     
8    to reach (a target)  
the bullet found its mark     
9    to provide, esp. with difficulty  
we'll find room for you too     
10    to be able to pay  
I can't find that amount of money     
11    find oneself   to realize and accept one's real character; discover one's true vocation  
12    find one's feet   to become capable or confident, as in a new job  
13    a person, thing, etc., that is found, esp. a valuable or fortunate discovery  
     (Old English findan; related to Old Norse finna, Gothic finthan, Old High German fintan to find)  
  findable      adj  

find out  
      vb   adv  
1    to gain knowledge of (something); learn  
he found out what he wanted     
2    to detect the crime, deception, etc., of (someone)  
find the lady  
      n      another name for       three-card trick  
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