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field tile


      n     (Brit. and N.Z)   an earthenware drain used in farm drainage  
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1    an open tract of uncultivated grassland; meadow  
   Related adj       campestral  
2    a piece of land cleared of trees and undergrowth, usually enclosed with a fence or hedge and used for pasture or growing crops  
a field of barley     
3    a limited or marked off area, usually of mown grass, on which any of various sports, athletic competitions, etc., are held  
a soccer field     
4    an area that is rich in minerals or other natural resources  
a coalfield     
5       short for       battlefield       airfield  
6    the mounted followers that hunt with a pack of hounds  
a    all the runners in a particular race or competitors in a competition  
b    the runners in a race or competitors in a competition excluding the favourite  
8      (Cricket)   the fielders collectively, esp. with regard to their positions  
9    a wide or open expanse  
a field of snow     
a    an area of human activity  
the field of human knowledge     
b    a sphere or division of knowledge, interest, etc  
his field is physics     
a    a place away from the laboratory, office, library, etc., usually out of doors, where practical work is done or original material or data collected  
b    (as modifier)  
a field course     
12    the surface or background, as of a flag, coin, or heraldic shield, on which a design is displayed  
13      (Also called)    field of view   the area within which an object may be observed with a telescope, microscope, etc.  
14      (Physics)  
a       See       field of force  
b    a region of space that is a vector field  
c    a region of space under the influence of some scalar quantity, such as temperature  
15      (Maths)   a set of entities subject to two binary operations, addition and multiplication, such that the set is a commutative group under addition and the set, minus the zero, is a commutative group under multiplication  
16      (Maths, logic)   the set of elements that are either arguments or values of a function; the union of its domain and range  
17      (Computing)  
a    a set of one or more characters comprising a unit of information  
b    a predetermined section of a record  
18      (Television)   one of two or more sets of scanning lines which when interlaced form the complete picture  
19    Obsolete   the open country  
beasts of the field     
20    hold or keep the field   to maintain one's position in the face of opposition  
21    in the field  
a      (Military)   in an area in which operations are in progress  
b    actively or closely involved with or working on something (rather than being in a more remote or administrative position)  
22    lead the field   to be in the leading or most pre-eminent position  
23    leave the field  
Informal   to back out of a competition, contest, etc.  
24    to begin or carry on activity, esp. in sport or military operations  
25    play the field  
Informal   to disperse one's interests or attentions among a number of activities, people, or objects  
26    modifier     (Military)   of or relating to equipment, personnel, etc., specifically designed or trained for operations in the field  
a field gun, a field army     
27    tr     (Sport)   to stop, catch, or return (the ball) as a fielder  
28    tr     (Sport)   to send (a player or team) onto the field to play  
29    intr     (Sport)   (of a player or team) to act or take turn as a fielder or fielders  
30    tr     (Military)   to put (an army, a unit, etc.) in the field  
31    tr   to enter (a person) in a competition  
each party fielded a candidate     
32    tr  
Informal   to deal with or handle, esp. adequately and by making a reciprocal gesture  
to field a question     
     (Old English feld; related to Old Saxon, Old High German feld, Old English fold earth, Greek platus broad)  

Bosworth Field  
      n     (English history)   the site, two miles south of Market Bosworth in Leicestershire, of the battle that ended the Wars of the Roses (August, 1485). Richard III was killed and Henry Tudor was crowned king as Henry VII  
Coulomb field  
      n   the electrostatic field around an electrically charged body or particle. The interaction between two such fields produces Coulomb force  
dark-field illumination  
      n   illumination of the field of a microscope from the side so that the specimen is viewed against a dark background  
dark-field microscope  
      n      another name for an       ultramicroscope  
depth of field  
      n   the range of distance in front of and behind an object focused by an optical instrument, such as a camera or microscope, within which other objects will also appear clear and sharply defined in the resulting image  
   Compare       depth of focus  
electric field  
      n   a field of force surrounding a charged particle within which another charged particle experiences a force  
   Compare       magnetic field  
electric field strength  
      n   the strength or intensity of an electric field at any point, usually measured in volts per metre.,   (Symbol)    E  
electromagnetic field  
      n   a field of force equivalent to an electric field and a magnetic field at right angles to each other and to the direction of propagation  
electrostatic field  
      n   an electric field associated with a static electric field  
      n   John. 1782--1837, Irish composer and pianist, lived in Russia from 1803: invented the nocturne  
field ambulance  
      n     (Military)   a mobile medical unit that accepts casualties from forward units, treating the lightly wounded and stabilizing the condition of the seriously wounded before evacuating them to a hospital  
field army  
      n     (Military)   the largest formation of a land force, usually consisting of two or more corps with supporting arms and services  
field artillery  
      n   artillery capable of deployment in support of front-line troops, due mainly to its mobility  
field battery  
      n   a small unit of usually four field guns  
field boot  
      n   a close-fitting knee-length boot  
field captain  
      n   the senior official at an archery meeting, responsible for safety  
field centre  
      n   a centre equipped for field studies, usually situated in or near an area where field studies are carried out  
field corn  
      n     (U.S)   any variety of corn that is grown as a feed for livestock  
field cornet  
      n     (S. African)   a commander of burgher troops called up in time of war or in an emergency, esp. during the 19th century,   (Often shortened to)    cornet  
field day  
1    a day spent in some special outdoor activity, such as nature study or sport  
2    a day-long competition between amateur radio operators using battery or generator power, the aim being to make the most contacts with other operators around the world  
3      (Military)   a day devoted to manoeuvres or exercises, esp. before an audience  
4    Informal   a day or time of exciting or successful activity  
the children had a field day with their new toys     
5      (Austral)  
a    a day or series of days devoted to the demonstration of farm machinery in country centres  
b    a combined open day and sale on a stud property  
field drain   , tile  
      n   an underground earthenware pipe used for draining fields  
field-effect transistor  
      n   a unipolar transistor consisting of three or more electrode regions, the source, one or more gates, and the drain. A current flowing in a channel between the highly doped source and drain is controlled by the electric field arising from a voltage applied between source and gate,   (Abbrev)    FET      See also       JFET       IGFET  
field emission  
      n   the emission of electrons from a solid or liquid subjected to a high electric field  
field event  
      n   a competition, such as the discus, high jump, etc., that takes place on a field or similar area as opposed to those on the running track  
field glass  
1    a small telescope often incorporating a prism and held in one hand  
2       a former name for       field glasses  
field glasses  
      pl n      another name for       binoculars     (Former name)    field glass  
field goal  
1      (Basketball)   a goal scored while the ball is in normal play rather than from a free throw  
2      (American and Canadian football)   a score of three points made by kicking the ball through the opponent's goalposts above the crossbar  
field guidance  
      n   a method of guiding a missile to a point within a gravitational or radio field by means of the properties of the field  
field gun  
      n   a gun specially designed for service in direct support of front-line troops  
field hockey  
      n     (U.S. and Canadian)   hockey played on a field, as distinguished from ice hockey  
      n   a cry employing falsetto, portamento, and sudden changes of pitch, used in African-American work songs, later integrated into the techniques of the blues  
field hospital  
      n   a temporary hospital set up near a battlefield equipped to provide remedial surgery and post-operative care  
field layer  
      n      See       layer       2  
field magnet  
      n   a permanent magnet or an electromagnet that produces the magnetic field in a generator, electric motor, or similar device  
field marshal  
      n   an officer holding the highest rank in the British and certain other armies  
field officer  
      n   an officer holding field rank, namely that of major, lieutenant colonel, or colonel  
field of fire  
      n   the area that a weapon or group of weapons can cover with fire from a given position  
field of force  
      n   the region of space surrounding a body, such as a charged particle or a magnet, within which it can exert a force on another similar body not in contact with it  
   See also       electric field       magnetic field       gravitational field  
field of honour  
      n   the place or scene of a battle or duel, esp. of jousting tournaments in medieval times  
field poppy  
      n      another name for       corn poppy  
field post office  
      n   a place to which mail intended for military units in the field is sent to be sorted and forwarded,   (Abbrev.)    FPO  
field spaniel  
      n   a robust, low-slung breed of spaniel developed by crossing the cocker spaniel with the Sussex spaniel  
field sports  
      pl n   sports carried on in the open countryside, such as hunting, shooting, or fishing  
field strength  
1      (Radio, television)   the intensity of an electromagnetic wave at any point in the area covered by a radio or television transmitter  
2      (Physics)   the intensity of an electric or magnetic field  
   See       intensity  
field study  
      n   often pl   a research project carried out in the field  
   See       field       11  
field tile  
      n     (Brit. and N.Z)   an earthenware drain used in farm drainage  
field trial  
1      (Hunting)   a test of or contest between gun dogs to determine their proficiency and standard of training in retrieving or pointing  
2    often pl   a test to display performance, efficiency, or durability, as of a vehicle or invention  
field trip  
      n   an expedition, as by a group of students or research workers, to study something at first hand  
field winding  
      n   the insulated current-carrying coils on a field magnet that produce the magnetic field intensity required to set up the electrical excitation in a generator or motor  
field work  
      n   an investigation or search for material, data, etc., made in the field as opposed to the classroom, laboratory, or official headquarters  
  field worker      n  
flying field  
      n   a small airport; an airfield  
force-field analysis  
      n   a decision-making technique, often presented graphically, that identifies all the positive and negative forces impinging on a problem  
gravitational field  
      n   the field of force surrounding a body of finite mass in which another body would experience an attractive force that is proportional to the product of the masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them  
gum field  
      n     (N.Z.)   an area of land containing buried fossilized kauri gum  
ice field  
1    a very large flat expanse of ice floating in the sea; large ice floe  
2    a large mass of ice permanently covering an extensive area of land  
landing field  
      n   an area of land on which aircraft land and from which they take off  
Informal   regarded as being outside the mainstream; unconventional  
     (C20: from baseball term left field, the area of the outfield to the batter's left, regarded as the scene of little action)  
level playing field  
      n   a situation in which none of the competing parties has an advantage at the outset of a competitive activity  
magnetic field  
      n   a field of force surrounding a permanent magnet or a moving charged particle, in which another permanent magnet or moving charge experiences a force  
   Compare       electric field  
      adj   prenominal     (Medieval history)   of or denoting the system in which an arable area was divided into unenclosed strips, esp. cultivated by different tenants  
playing field  
      n     (Chiefly Brit)   a field or open space used for sport  
potter's field  
1      (U.S.)   a cemetery where the poor or unidentified are buried at the public expense  
2      (New Testament)   the land bought by the Sanhedrin with the money paid for the betrayal of Jesus (which Judas had returned to them) to be used as a burial place for strangers and the friendless poor (Acts 1:19; Matthew 27:7)  
quantum field theory  
      n     (Physics)   quantum mechanical theory concerned with elementary particles, which are represented by fields whose normal modes of oscillation are quantized  
unified field theory  
      n   any theory capable of describing in one set of equations the properties of gravitational fields, electromagnetic fields, and strong and weak nuclear interactions. No satisfactory theory has yet been found  
vector field  
      n   a region of space under the influence of some vector quantity, such as magnetic field strength, in which each point can be described by a vector  
visual field  
      n   the whole extent of the image falling on the retina when the eye is fixating a given point in space  

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1    grassland, green, greensward     (archaic or literary)   lea     (poetic)   mead     (archaic)   meadow, pasture  
2    applicants, candidates, competition, competitors, contestants, entrants, possibilities, runners  
3    area, bailiwick, bounds, confines, department, discipline, domain, environment, limits, line, metier, pale, province, purview, range, scope, speciality, specialty, sphere of activity, sphere of influence, sphere of interest, sphere of study, territory  
4    catch, pick up, retrieve, return, stop  
5      (figurative)   deal with, deflect, handle, turn aside  

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Collaborative Dictionary     English Definition
field defining and covering legal issues related to computing and Internet.
[Tech.];[Telecom.];[Internet];[US];[UK] internet law
the preferred terminology used among the management hierarchy of a business establishment in reference to native ideas and common interests related to their particular field.
syn.: slang, jargon
a field of study searching for ways to prevent global warming by deliberately changing Earth's natural system
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