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1    often pl   a chain or bond fastened round the ankle; shackle  
2    usually pl   a check or restraint  
in fetters     
      vb   tr  
3    to restrict or confine  
4    to bind in fetters  
     (Old English fetor; related to Old Norse fjöturr fetter, Old High German fezzera, Latin pedica fetter, impedire to hinder)  
  fetterer      n  
  fetterless      adj  

fetter bone  
      n      another name for       pastern       2  
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      vb   bind, chain, clip someone's wings, confine, curb, encumber, gyve     (archaic)   hamper, hamstring, hobble, hold captive, manacle, put a straitjacket on, restrain, restrict, shackle, straiten, tie, tie up, trammel  

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