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      vb   , feeds, feeding, fed   mainly tr  
1    to give food to  
to feed the cat     
2    to give as food  
to feed meat to the cat     
3    intr   to eat food  
the horses feed at noon     
4    to provide food for  
these supplies can feed 10 million people     
5    to provide what is necessary for the existence or development of  
to feed one's imagination     
6    to gratify; satisfy  
to feed one's eyes on a beautiful sight     
7    also intr   to supply (a machine, furnace, etc.) with (the necessary materials or fuel) for its operation, or (of such materials) to flow or move forwards into a machine, etc.  
8    to use (land) as grazing  
9      (Theatre, informal)   to cue (an actor, esp. a comedian) with lines or actions  
10      (Sport)   to pass a ball to (a team-mate)  
11      (Electronics)   to introduce (electrical energy) into a circuit, esp. by means of a feeder  
12    also intr; foll by: on or upon   to eat or cause to eat  
13    the act or an instance of feeding  
14    food, esp. that of animals or babies  
15    the process of supplying a machine or furnace with a material or fuel  
16    the quantity of material or fuel so supplied  
17    the rate of advance of a cutting tool in a lathe, drill, etc.  
18    a mechanism that supplies material or fuel or controls the rate of advance of a cutting tool  
19      (Theatre, informal)   a performer, esp. a straight man, who provides cues  
20       an informal word for       meal  
     (Old English fedan; related to Old Norse f<oe>tha to feed, Old High German fuotan, Gothic fothjan; see food, fodder)  
  feedable      adj  

      vb   , -feeds, -feeding, -fed   to feed (a baby) with milk from a bottle instead of breast-feeding  
      vb   , -feeds, -feeding, -fed   to feed (a baby) with milk from the breast; suckle  
  breast-fed      adj  
  breast-feeding      n  
chicken feed  
Slang   a trifling amount of money  
cut sheet feed  
      n     (Computing)   the automatic movement of single sheets of paper through the platen of the printer  
1       another name for       drip       6  
      vb   tr  
  drip feed  
2    to administer a solution (to someone) by means of a drip-feed  
3    Informal   to fund (a new company) in stages rather than by injecting a large sum at its inception  
      adj   (of a fuel system) controlled by a float operating a needle valve  
      vb   , -feeds, -feeding, -fed   tr  
1    to force (a person or animal) to eat or swallow food  
2    to force (someone) to receive opinions, propaganda, etc.  
  force feed  
3    a method of lubrication in which a pump forces oil into the bearings of an engine, etc.  
      vb   , -feeds, -feeding, -fed   tr  
1    to feed with a spoon  
2    to overindulge or spoil  
3    to provide (a person) with ready-made opinions, judgments, etc., depriving him of original thought or action  
      vb   , -feeds, -feeding, -fed   tr   to keep and feed (an animal) in a stall, esp. as an intensive method of fattening it for slaughter  
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1    cater for, nourish, provide for, provision, supply, sustain, victual, wine and dine  
2      (sometimes with)       on   devour, eat, exist on, fare, graze, live on, nurture, partake of, pasture, subsist, take nourishment  
3    augment, bolster, encourage, foster, fuel, minister to, strengthen, supply  
4    fodder, food, forage, pasturage, provender, silage  
5      (informal)   feast, meal, nosh     (slang)   nosh-up     (Brit. slang)   repast, spread     (informal)   tuck-in     (informal)  

baby, cosset, featherbed, mollycoddle, overindulge, overprotect, spoil, wrap up in cotton wool     (informal)  

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misfeed v.
to feed something incorrectly

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