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1    a large and sumptuous meal, usually given as an entertainment for several people  
2    a periodic religious celebration  
3    something extremely pleasing or sumptuous  
a feast for the eyes     
4    movable feast   a festival or other event of variable date  
5    intr  
a    to eat a feast  
b    usually foll by: on   to enjoy the eating (of), as if feasting  
to feast on cakes     
6    tr   to give a feast to  
7    intr; foll by: on   to take great delight (in)  
to feast on beautiful paintings     
8    tr   to regale or delight  
to feast one's mind or one's eyes     
     (C13: from Old French feste, from Latin festa, neuter plural (later assumed to be feminine singular) of festus joyful; related to Latin fanum temple, feriae festivals)  
  feaster      n  

Feast of Dedication  
      n     (Judaism)      a literal translation of       Chanukah  
Feast of Lanterns  
1      (Hinduism)      another name for       Diwali  
2      (Also called)    Festival of Lanterns     (Japanese Buddhism)      another name for       Bon   1  
Feast of Lights  
      n     (Judaism)      an English name for       Chanukah  
Feast of Tabernacles  
      n     (Judaism)      a literal translation of       Sukkoth  
Feast of Weeks  
      n     (Judaism)      a literal translation of       Shavuot  
love feast  
1      (Also called)    agape   (among the early Christians) a religious meal eaten with others as a sign of mutual love and fellowship  
2    a ritual meal modelled upon this  
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1    banquet, barbecue, beanfeast     (Brit. informal)   beano     (Brit. slang)   blowout     (slang)   carousal, carouse, dinner, entertainment, festive board, jollification, junket, repast, revels, slap-up meal     (Brit. informal)   spread     (informal)   treat  
2    celebration, -fest, festival, fête, gala day, holiday, holy day, red-letter day, saint's day  
3    delight, enjoyment, gratification, pleasure, treat  
4    eat one's fill, eat to one's heart's content, fare sumptuously, gorge, gormandize, indulge, overindulge, pig out     (slang)   stuff, stuff one's face     (slang)   wine and dine  
5    entertain, hold a reception for, kill the fatted calf for, regale, treat, wine and dine  
6    delight, gladden, gratify, rejoice, thrill  

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