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1    an imperfection; failing or defect; flaw  
2    a mistake or error  
3    an offence; misdeed  
4    responsibility for a mistake or misdeed; culpability  
5      (Electronics)   a defect in a circuit, component, or line, such as a short circuit  
6      (Geology)   a fracture in the earth's crust resulting in the relative displacement and loss of continuity of the rocks on either side of it  
7      (Tennis, squash, etc.)   an invalid serve, such as one that lands outside a prescribed area  
8    (in showjumping) a penalty mark given for failing to clear or refusing a fence, exceeding a time limit, etc.  
9      (Hunting)   an instance of the hounds losing the scent  
10    deficiency; lack; want  
11    at fault  
a    guilty of error; culpable  
b    perplexed  
c    (of hounds) having temporarily lost the scent  
12    find fault (with)   to seek out minor imperfections or errors (in); carp (at)  
13    to a fault   excessively  
14      (Geology)   to undergo or cause to undergo a fault  
15    tr   to find a fault in, criticize, or blame  
16    intr   to commit a fault  
     (C13: from Old French faute, from Vulgar Latin fallita (unattested), ultimately from Latin fallere to fail)  

compound fault  
      n     (Geology)   a series of closely spaced faults  
dip fault  
      n     (Geology)   a fault that runs perpendicular to the strike of the affected rocks (i.e. parallel to the plane of the angle of dip of the rocks)  
dip-slip fault  
      n     (Geology)   a fault on which the movement is along the dip of the fault  
double fault     (Tennis)  
1    the serving of two faults in succession, thereby losing a point  
2    intr   to serve a double fault  
1    continual and usually trivial criticism  
2    the systematic investigation of malfunctions in electronic apparatus  
3    given to finding fault  
  fault-finder      n  
fault line  
1      (Also called)    fault plane     (Geology)   the surface of a fault fracture along which the rocks have been displaced  
2    a potentially disruptive division or area of contention  
Europe remains the main fault line in the Tory Party     
fault tree  
      n   a diagram providing a model of the interactions between the components of a system when a failure occurs  
foot fault  
      n     (Tennis)   a fault that occurs when the server fails to keep both feet behind the baseline until he has served  
gravity fault  
      n   a fault in which the rocks on the upper side of an inclined fault plane have been displaced downwards; normal fault  
oblique fault  
      n   a fault that runs obliquely to, rather than parallel to or perpendicular to, the strike of the affected rocks  
oblique-slip fault  
      n   a fault on which the movement is along both the strike and the dip of the fault  
strike fault  
      n   a fault that runs parallel to the strike of the affected rocks  
strike-slip fault  
      n   a geological fault on which the movement is along the strike of the fault  
thrust fault  
      n   a fault in which the rocks on the lower side of an inclined fault plane have been displaced downwards, usually by compression; a reverse fault  
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1    blemish, defect, deficiency, demerit, drawback, failing, flaw, imperfection, infirmity, lack, shortcoming, snag, weakness, weak point  
2    blunder, boob     (Brit. slang)   error, error of judgment, inaccuracy, indiscretion, lapse, mistake, negligence, offence, omission, oversight, slip, slip-up  
3    accountability, culpability, liability, responsibility  
4    delinquency, frailty, lapse, misconduct, misdeed, misdemeanour, offence, peccadillo, sin, transgression, trespass, wrong  
5    at fault      answerable, blamable, culpable, guilty, in the wrong, responsible, to blame  
6    find fault with      carp at, complain, criticize, pick holes in, pull to pieces, quibble, take to task  
7    to a fault      excessively, immoderately, in the extreme, needlessly, out of all proportion, overly     (U.S.)   overmuch, preposterously, ridiculously, unduly  
8    blame, call to account, censure, criticize, find fault with, find lacking, hold (someone) accountable, hold (someone) responsible, hold (someone) to blame, impugn  
1    asset, attribute, credit, goodness, merit, perfection, strength, virtue  

      n   carping, hairsplitting, nagging, niggling, nit-picking     (informal)  
      adj   captious, carping, censorious, critical, hypercritical, on (someone's) back     (informal)   pettifogging  
   complimentary, easily pleased, indiscriminate, uncritical, undiscerning, unexacting, unfussy, unperceptive  

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Collaborative Dictionary     English Definition
1: marked by an often ill-natured inclination to stress faults and raise objections <captious critics> 2: calculated to confuse, entrap, or entangle in argument <a captious question>
inclined to bring forward small faults; made to confuse in argument
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