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1    to lose or cause to lose brightness, colour, or clarity  
2    intr   to lose freshness, vigour, or youth; wither  
3    intr; usually foll by: away or out   to vanish slowly; die out  
a    to decrease the brightness or volume of (a television or radio programme or film sequence) or (of a television programme, etc.) to decrease in this way  
b    to decrease the volume of (a sound) in a recording system or (of a sound) to be so reduced in volume  
5    intr   (of the brakes of a vehicle) to lose power  
6    to cause (a golf ball) to move with a controlled left-to-right trajectory or (of a golf ball) to veer gradually from left to right  
7    the act or an instance of fading  
     (C14: from fade (adj) dull, from Old French, from Vulgar Latin fatidus (unattested), probably blend of Latin vapidus vapid + Latin fatuus fatuous)  
  fadable      adj  
  fadedness      n  
  fader      n  

      n   the decrease in efficiency of braking of a motor vehicle due to overheating of the brakes  
      vb     (Radio, television)   to fade in (one sound or picture source) as another is being faded out  
1      (Films)   an optical effect in which a shot appears gradually out of darkness  
2    a gradual increase in the volume in a radio or television broadcast  
  fade in   adv  
3      (Also)    fade up   to increase or cause to increase gradually, as vision or sound in a film or broadcast  
1      (Films)   an optical effect in which a shot slowly disappears into darkness  
2    a gradual reduction in signal strength in a radio or television broadcast  
3    a gradual and temporary loss of a received radio or television signal due to atmospheric disturbances, magnetic storms, etc.  
4    a slow or gradual disappearance  
  fade out   adv  
5    to decrease or cause to decrease gradually, as vision or sound in a film or broadcast  
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