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1    to lose or cause to lose brightness, colour, or clarity  
2    intr   to lose freshness, vigour, or youth; wither  
3    intr; usually foll by: away or out   to vanish slowly; die out  
a    to decrease the brightness or volume of (a television or radio programme or film sequence) or (of a television programme, etc.) to decrease in this way  
b    to decrease the volume of (a sound) in a recording system or (of a sound) to be so reduced in volume  
5    intr   (of the brakes of a vehicle) to lose power  
6    to cause (a golf ball) to move with a controlled left-to-right trajectory or (of a golf ball) to veer gradually from left to right  
7    the act or an instance of fading  
     (C14: from fade (adj) dull, from Old French, from Vulgar Latin fatidus (unattested), probably blend of Latin vapidus vapid + Latin fatuus fatuous)  
  fadable      adj  
  fadedness      n  
  fader      n  

      n   the decrease in efficiency of braking of a motor vehicle due to overheating of the brakes  
      vb     (Radio, television)   to fade in (one sound or picture source) as another is being faded out  
1      (Films)   an optical effect in which a shot appears gradually out of darkness  
2    a gradual increase in the volume in a radio or television broadcast  
  fade in   adv  
3      (Also)    fade up   to increase or cause to increase gradually, as vision or sound in a film or broadcast  
1      (Films)   an optical effect in which a shot slowly disappears into darkness  
2    a gradual reduction in signal strength in a radio or television broadcast  
3    a gradual and temporary loss of a received radio or television signal due to atmospheric disturbances, magnetic storms, etc.  
4    a slow or gradual disappearance  
  fade out   adv  
5    to decrease or cause to decrease gradually, as vision or sound in a film or broadcast  
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1    blanch, bleach, blench, dim, discolour, dull, grow dim, lose colour, lose lustre, pale, wash out  
2    decline, die away, die out, dim, disappear, disperse, dissolve, droop, dwindle, ebb, etiolate, evanesce, fail, fall, flag, languish, melt away, perish, shrivel, vanish, vanish into thin air, wane, waste away, wilt, wither  

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