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1    prenominal   whole; complete  
the entire project is going well     
2    prenominal   without reservation or exception; total  
you have my entire support     
3    not broken or damaged; intact  
4    consisting of a single piece or section; undivided; continuous  
5    (of leaves, petals, etc.) having a smooth margin not broken up into teeth or lobes  
6    not castrated  
an entire horse     
7    Obsolete   of one substance or kind; unmixed; pure  
8       a less common word for       entirety  
9    an uncastrated horse  
10      (Philately)  
a    a complete item consisting of an envelope, postcard, or wrapper with stamps affixed  
b    on entire   (of a stamp) placed on an envelope, postcard, etc., and bearing postal directions  
     (C14: from Old French entier, from Latin integer whole, from in-1 + tangere to touch)  
  entireness      n  
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1    complete, full, gross, total, whole  
2    absolute, full, outright, thorough, total, undiminished, unmitigated, unreserved, unrestricted  
3    intact, perfect, sound, unbroken, undamaged, unmarked, unmarred, whole, without a scratch  
4    continuous, integrated, unbroken, undivided, unified  

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