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1    a project or undertaking, esp. one that requires boldness or effort  
2    participation in such projects  
3    readiness to embark on new ventures; boldness and energy  
a    initiative in business  
b    (as modifier)  
the enterprise culture     
5    a business unit; a company or firm  
     (C15: from Old French entreprise (n), from entreprendre from entre- between (from Latin: inter-) + prendre to take, from Latin prehendere to grasp)  
  enterpriser      n  

Enterprise Allowance Scheme  
      n   (in Britain) a scheme to provide a weekly allowance to an unemployed person who wishes to set up a business and is willing to invest a specified amount in it during its first year  
Enterprise Investment Scheme  
      n   (in Britain) a scheme to provide tax relief on investments in certain small companies: came into operation in 1994, when it replaced the Business Expansion Scheme  
enterprise zone  
      n   a designated zone in a depressed area, esp. an inner urban area, where firms are given tax concessions and various planning restrictions are lifted, in order to attract new industry and business to the area: first introduced in Britain in 1981  
free enterprise  
      n   an economic system in which commercial organizations compete for profit with little state control  
National Enterprise Board  
      n   a public corporation established in 1975 to help the economy of the UK. In 1981 it merged with the National Research and Development Council to form the British Technology Group,   (Abbrev.)    NEB  
private enterprise  
1    economic activity undertaken by private individuals or organizations under private ownership  
   Compare       public enterprise  
2       another name for       capitalism  
public enterprise  
      n   economic activity by governmental organizations  
   Compare       private enterprise       1  
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1    adventure, effort, endeavour, essay, operation, plan, programme, project, undertaking, venture  
2    activity, adventurousness, alertness, audacity, boldness, daring, dash, drive, eagerness, energy, enthusiasm, get-up-and-go     (informal)   gumption     (informal)   initiative, pep, push     (informal)   readiness, resource, resourcefulness, spirit, vigour, zeal  
3    business, company, concern, establishment, firm, operation  

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